Video From the iPad2 Launch in Miami – The Falls Apple Store

To say that Apple’s launch of the iPad2 on March 11th “was a success” is an understatement. Judging by all the posts and twitter comments from yesterday, Apple Stores around the country were jam packed with iPad2 buyers hoping to get their hands on Apple’s 2nd generation tablet. I was one of the many in line and the location I chose was the Apple Store at The Falls here in Miami.

When I first arrived at around 12pm that day, I would say there were maybe only about 40 people waiting in line. Ten or so of these people I know where there since the previous night and had camped out at that location. By around 2pm, there were maybe another 50 people or so waiting behind me and by 3pm, even more showed up. The video above shows the line at around 3pm. By 4pm, the line had doubled in size and by 5pm, I estimated there to be around 350-400 people in line.

One of the other staff members, Doriftu was the Dadeland Apple Store location and estimated around 600+ people in line over there. At that location, they had made 3 or 4 separate lines according to him so I”m not sure how they handled it over there.

In line I met a few really nice people who were just as enthusiastic as I was to get the iPad2. Some had even flown from out of state or from another country just to buy one. The whole launch event went pretty smoothly except for the occasional impatient in line who were complaining about a  few people who were skipping the line or joining friends who were already in line. Purchasing the iPad2 was fast and only took me about 5-10 minutes to acquire mine.

All-in-all, I think Apple accomplished what they set out to accomplish and built up the hype they needed for the iPad2 launch.

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