Case-Mate Brings Style and Function to Apple’s iPad2

This preview is featured at G Style Magazine (written by me) which is a tech blog that focuses on the fashion aspect of tech. Please visit their site to read the entire article.

This Friday, March 11th is the release day of Apple’s newest device, the iPad2. That means that many case manufacturers are scrambling to release new cases either at launch or shortly after in order to catch the influx of all the new potential buyers who need cases. One such company is Case-Mate. We are big fans of Case-Mate here at G Style as we have used many of their cases personally for devices such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, and Android phones that we all use here. I personally have owned several Case-Mate cases for most of my mobile devices I have acquired over the past 3 years.

The Venture

Right now on Case-Mate’s site, you’ll see a small preview of what Case-mate will offer for the Apple iPad2 but today, we have a special inside look at these cases with a bit more details on what each case will feature.

Case-Mate®, known for its innovative accessories that protect, adorn and enhance mobile technology, today unveiled a collection of cases for the Apple iPad 2, the latest release after its highly successful iPad. The collection includes seven new accessories, from sleek and sophisticated to bold and playful, perfect for any fashion sensibility or occasion.

“Case-Mate developed a broad line of iPad 2 cases which satisfies a range of consumer desires,” says Shashi Reddy, founder and CEO of Case-Mate. “From high design to functionality to playfulness, Case-Mate offers early adopters the best case designs for their new devices.”

Read the rest at G Style Magazine with full images and description of all the new cases.

[via G Style Magazine]

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