TGWK’s Review of “Matching Animals” v1.0 (iOS)

Matching Animals is a brand new memory matching game from developer Minimax Games. Where as their last game was a casual, holiday game, Matching Animals is an educational title geared towards toddlers and young children to help them exercise their minds. Matching Animals is your standard memory matching game where kids flip over two cards to reveal what is on the other side. If both animals match, both cards stay flipped over. If they don’t, they are turned over again and they must choose two more cards. Players will need to remember what animals are under which cards so that they can match them if they find another similar animal.

Gameplay in Matching Animals is very simple for children.  All they need to do is tap cards and remember what animal is under what card. Again, this is a simple memory matching game for children, but one that has cute animals for them to look at. What I like about Matching Animals is that it offers children various difficulty settings. They can start off with a very simple 2×3 layout and increase it as they get better to a more difficult 4×5 layout.

Graphically, the game is very colorful but simple looking. The illustrations for each animal are nicely done though and should appeal to children. The user interface is also nicely done as it is very simple for children to get around. Most children should be able to just right into the game with little to no help at all from you.

On the audio side, each button press and action has its own sounds. Getting a successful match yields a “yippee!” sound. The one thing that Matching Animals is missing however is background music. This can make the game very quiet when not tapping anything. Children are usually attracted by both sights and sounds so having an app that isn’t making constant noise might not keep very young children interested enough. One way to get around this is that the app will still run while you are playing your own music. I hope those that in a future update, the developer will add some kind of background music or sound as an option in game. I know there are some parents out there that would appreciate the silence however.

If you’re looking for a good memory matching game for your toddler, Matching Animals has what you are looking for. With various difficulty settings, children unfamiliar with memory games will be able to ease into it and increase the difficulty as they get better. With the cutesy way they depict animals here and how colorful everything is in the game, your kids should really enjoy this. Matching Animals can be played by very young children. I would say that if they are old enough to know how to tap on a screen, they’re old enough to play this game.

Matching Animals is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Kids love to play Matching Animals!

Matching Animals is designed to keep your children engaged, happy, and educated. Find colorful pairs of cartoon animals in this Matching game. Lots of game modes makes every kid happy.

All the goods:
* Developed for kids
* help your child develop fine-motor skills
* Lots of colorful Animal cards to explore
* 5 different game modes – from 6 to 20 tiles
* Motivational sounds
* Records high score and best time – just in case 🙂

How to play:
Reveal colorful cards and find animal pairs. Keep playing until every animal has a pair.
Highly motivational sounds and cute animals keeps your children engaged.

The game helps your child develop fine-motor skills and learning, recognizing and remembering images, and symbols.

Kids friendly:
Matching Animals is very kids friendly.
Just start the game and your kid can play without any further assistance.
Can be played even by kids who can’t read yet.

Parents make a break:
The game gives you the chance to take a break during daytime while your child plays “Matching Animals”.

The fun is multiplied when you play the game together with your kids!

# # #

Before we publish a game for kids it was played by our own children.

All Matching games from Minimax Games get’s regular updates – new cards in fact.

[via App Store]

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