FX Photo Studio Updated With New Sketch Filters and iPad 2 Camera Support

One of the features missing from the iPad version of FX Photo Studio that we noted in our review was the lack of camera support for Apple’s newly released iPad 2. You can scratch that off the negative’s list now because starting with their new 3.2.0 update, it now supports the iPad 2 cameras. With the update, Macphun didn’t just stop there. They also included 6 new sketch filters making the total count filters and effects, 187. As a special treat for the new update, both the iPhone and iPad version of the app is on sale now at $0.99 and $1.99 respectively.

For more information and full press release, click the read more link below.

Press Release

New York — March 30, 2011 — MacPhun LLC, developers of FX Photo Studio, one of the most intuitive and successful photo editors on the iTunes App Store today announced FX Photo Studio v.3.2, an update featuring enhancements for both iPhone and iPad versions of its iOS applications. The perennial Top 10 iPhone and iPad photography app now includes six brand new filters, faster image processing and the ability to capture and edit images taken directly from Apple’s flagship tablet.

MacPhun has collaborated with established artists  from North America and Europe to create a new “sketches” category. The newly added category consists of six cartoon-styled filters providing users with a total of 187 filters to mix, match and share with friends. The addition of more precise tuning controls for contrasting, adjusting hues and sharpening filters, provide even more unequivocal tools to users, making one of the most useful image editing apps on the market, even better.

As a gesture of appreciation to its loyal fans, MacPhun is also developing the first ever jointly collaborated, free standalone wallpaper app that will showcase user-submitted photographs edited with FX Photo Studio and other photography iOS apps. With MacPhun’s support, the app will provide the ideal platform for aspiring artists and photographers to gain increased exposure for their work. To kick off the submission process, MacPhun will be holding a two month promotion on their Facebook page. Prizes include iTunes gift cards, photo printing gift vouchers and much more. For more information on this contest, please visit: http://www.macphun.com/photoproject/

“The feedback we get from our users drives the evolution of our products,” says MacPhun CEO Paul Muzok. “In an effort to build the premier image editing and processing solution, we have focused on implementing some of the great user feedback we’ve received, as well as stayed committed to expanding the brand to even more platforms, one of which will be unveiled shortly.”

To celebrate the announcement of this update, FX Photo Studio and FX Photo Studio HD will both be discounted to $0.99 and $1.99, respectively, for a very limited time.

FX Photo Studio HD for iPad is normally available for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:

FX Photo Studio for iPhone and iPod touch is normally available for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:

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