TGWK’s Review of “Par Out Golf” v1.0 (iOS)

Par Out Golf is a new golf game from develops Endless Wave Software. Originally a board game, Par Out Golf takes the appeal of the original version and applies it to iOS as a fun and unique golf game. Unlike other golf games that require a lot of hitting mechanics and technical know how, Par Out Golf is really easy to pick up and requires very little learning time. Even my young five year old was able to pick up the game fairly quickly. What makes Par Out Golf different from all the other golf games out there is that it requires you to draw the path you want the ball to take based on how well you can visualize the course.

The game itself is really easy to play. You tap and hold the ball to set up your shot. The whole screen will then be covered in clouds and from here you must visualize what you remember of the course. You draw what you think is the proper path the ball should take to make it to the hole and then let go. The entire course will reappear and you’ll be able to watch the ball move along the path. It will continue along the general path until it hits an obstacle where it’ll stop if it does. Where ever the ball stops is where you would take your next shot. You keep taking shots until you make your ball into the hole. The game automatically zooms you in on the next shot so you can take a closer look at what you need to do. If you want to zoom out, and view more of the course, just go to the club selector and a different club to zoom out.

Each course in Par Out Golf is hand drawn. You’re playing a 2D drawing of a course, but each one is rather nice looking with a  good variety of different hazards to avoid. There are only two full 18 hole courses available and a bonus hole, but hopefully they will add more courses in future updates. Even thought here are only two courses, it never really feels like you are playing them over and over since each game you play is never really the same due to the varying wind conditions.

Par Out Golf also has a stand out feature that will extend the life of the game and that is multiplayer. The game allows you to play 4 player multiplayer locally or over the internet. This adds a bit more fun to the game as I always find it fun competing with real people than just playing on my own. The game is also GameCenter enabled so you can compare your score with others.

If you’re looking for a unique golf experience, Par Out Golf is definitely for you. It’s easy enough for anyone to just pick it up and play thanks to it’s unique drawing feature. Even youch children can play this game. What I really like about the game is that it doesn’t try to wow you with fancy 3D graphics, instead, this game is all about the gameplay and keeping the game fun.

Par Out Golf is available now in the App Store for $1.99. It is a universal app and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


Ready for an exciting new golfing experience? Something uniquely challenging, family-friendly and refreshingly uncomplicated? Then hit the links with Par Out Golf, “the greatest golf you’ll ever play… with your fingertip!”

Drive, hook and draw your way through two stunningly illustrated 18-hole courses using our unique style of game play. Here’s a sneak “how-to” peak:

● Visualize your shot towards the cup. Just like the real thing, plan the simplest path that will get you on the green in the fewest number of strokes.
● Touch and hold the ball, and the fun begins! The clouds roll in, the fairway disappears, and then… you take your shot!
● Relying only on your memory and a steady finger, you must move the ball towards the cup while trying to avoid the shot-stopping trees and rocks, and penalty inducing water and sand traps. The hardest part is remembering where they are! Your shot can twist and turn in any way you’d like – the laws of physics don’t apply!
● Finally, take your finger off the screen, the clouds push back, and you are left to jubilation, or, gut-wrenching heart-ache. It’s that simple!

Here’s more!

● Be social! Play up to 4-players at a time on the same device, or use Game Center to go head-to-head against friends and other golfers from around the world.
● Play Par Out Golf over and over again! The game is never the same twice and certainly not as easy as it sounds!
● Unlock new courses and earn badges the better you play!
● Use Game Center to quickly invite others to play. Be on the fairway with friends in seconds!
● Family friendly! Play with your kids. Teach them the game of golf. Or, they may teach YOU a thing or two.
● Earn bragging rights and crush your friends. Watch the Game Center leader-board and track scores from all over the world.
● Uncomplicated. Challenging. Addicting. Social. Just like the real thing!
● Based on the award-winning Par Out Golf: The Links at “Pen”Hurst Board Game.

[via App Store]


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