TGWK’s Review of “Destructopus!” v1.0.0 (iOS)

Destructopus! is a retro styled, side-scrolling shooter from developer Glitchsoft Games. The story of Destructopus! goes a little something like this, Earth is being overly polluted by greedy industrialists. The environment is being destroyed and Earth has summoned the awesome power of the Destructopus to punish them all. After being rudely awakened by deep sea oil drilling, the Destructopus surfaces to find the planet in shambles. Angered by what has happened, he goes on a rampage and seeks revenge for the planet against polluters everywhere.

If you’re a fan of old school 8-bit arcade games, Destructopus! should be right up your alley. The gameplay itself it very traditional and most of the game consists of hacking away at enemies and buildings. Basically, you want to cause the most amount of damage possible and get to the end of each level before the enemy kills you. It’s a very basic story, but that’s how most 8-bit games used to be.

Controls in the game are also pretty straight forward. The left hand side has the controls for going left, right, or crouch while the right side the screen controls where Destrutopus hits. Further in the game, Destructopus will be able to shoot projectiles and you control this by doing long taps on the screen. It’s actually very simple and works quite well in the game. It’s also quite responsive and you’ll never feel like rage quiting in the middle of playing.

Destructopus! is a fun, retro romp that really takes you back to the heyday of 2D side scrolling shooters. If you were a gamer back in the 8-bit era, I would compare Destructopus! with a game like Rampage and add a side-scrolling element to it. The pacing of the game can be a bit slow, but there is plenty of action to distract you from that as well as plenty of destruction. The game is easy to master and features a ton of different power ups you can earn and purchase.

Destructopus! is available now in the App store for $1.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Unleash the Destructopus and rampage to save the planet from environmental doom! Crush Consumerism! Punish Polluters! Demolish Deforestation, and Extinctify Greedy Industrialists! The colossal power of the Destructopus is at your fingertips in this action packed arcade destruct-em-up!

Normally a peaceful creature, the Destructopus can spend centuries slumbering at the bottom of the ocean. After being rudely awoken by greedy oil hungry industrialists, the Destructopus surfaces to find a polluted and dying world. Overtaken by rage and longing for the green earth it once knew, IT SEEKS ONLY REVENGE!

Control the Destructopus as you level entire cities, battle massive bosses, and take on armies of enemy attackers! Deal out the destruction with your smashing claws, vicious chomp, and blasting laser eye. Upgrade and attain new powers to defeat the polluters!

Master your attacks and face off against massive bosses. Each with their own weakness, you must utilize your Destructopus attacks wisely to defeat them and save endangered animals!


◆ Explosive physics based arcade action
◆ Rewarding attack combos and multipliers
◆ Unlockable and upgradeable powers
◆ Smashing soundtrack
◆ 4 unique terrains to rampage
◆ 25 enemy types to defeat
◆ Multiple destructive attacks
◆ Pick up and play controls

[via App Store]

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