TGWK’s Review of “Create A Monster HD” v1.0.0 (iPad)

Create A Monster is a fun creative tool from developer Justfun. With this app, children can make all kinds of monsters by using a variety of different parts and putting them together to form unique creations. They are basically building creatures from the chest up, but with a variety of different parts like eyes, noses, mouths, ears, head shapes, and accessories, children can make almost any monster imaginable with no two ever being exactly the same.

Players start off with a blank canvas and choose the color background they want. Next you pick the head shape you want and add facial features to it. All parts are shown at the bottom of the screen and you double click the parts you want to appear on the canvas. From here you can manipulate the size, shape, and placement of it. The controls used to manipulate the parts are easy to use, but you might need to explain how to properly use them to young children. It’s not hard for them to figure out how to use them though after.

After finishing your monster, you can save the image to your photo gallery, email it, or share it on either Facebook or Twitter. You can also print it out if you have Air Print set up. Create A Monster even has its own build in gallery you can use to save your monsters.

Create A Monster is a purely awesome app. I had just as much fun playing with it as my son did and like I said above, no two creations will ever be exactly the same. There are so many different parts you can use with so many different combination that the number of different monsters you can make is almost limitless. What’s also great about the app is that you can export each of your monsters to a variety of social networks in order to share your creatures or you can also email them to friends and family. This is great because often times, some of these apps don’t allow you to share your creations in any form and it’s just not fun creating something that you can’t share with others. Create A Monster really excels at what it does and the only thing I can hope for in the future is for the developers to add even more parts to use.

Create A Monster HD is available now in the App Store for $2.99. It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


Create A Monster HD is endless fun for all ages. Let’s get started! Open a blank canvas and go wherever your monster making creativity leads you. In one blink of a monster’s eye you will become addicted to all the possibilities – silly monsters, colorful monsters, imaginative monsters, classic monsters, unforgettable monsters and best of all, YOUR monsters. It’s easy to use and intuitive. Once your newly constructed monster is complete, review your works in the Monster Art Gallery. Delight your friends, family and the world of other monster makers with your original creatures – share your masterpieces on Facebook, Twitter or print and frame your work of art!

Create A Monster HD is monstrous fun!

New from justfun!

• Endless possibilities with great assortment of monster building parts
• Includes 12 background color options
• A choice of 12 bodies, 12 noses, 12 mouths, & 12 ears
• An assortment of 24 eyes
• Extra features includes horns, antennas, wrinkles, beard, eye blinks, neck bolts and much more
• Wide range of color choices
• Unlimited play
• Kid tested
• Intuitive and kid-friendly controls
• Beautifully illustrated HD graphics
• Entertaining sound effects
• Clone your monster and make another version of the same monster
• Facebook & Twitter integration
• Email capability
• Wireless printing capability
• Automatically saves when you exit Create A Monster HD
• Send to your Photo App Gallery

Developmental Skills
• Engage in art and creativity
• Explore color theory
• Encourages decision-making
• Improve motor skills
• Foster independent thinking skills
• Improve problem-solving
• Challenge the imagination
• Opportunity for playful art
• Enhance critical thinking

justfun believes
• Learning should always be fun.
• Creativity unlocks all possibilities.
• Exploration causes more curiosity.
• Challenges inform next decisions.
• Imagination builds great minds.
• Imagination comes from the heart.

For tutorials and more, visit

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