TGWK’s Review of “Kitty’s Tattoo HD” v1.02 (iPad)

Kitty’s Tattoo is a tattoo parlor sim and management game from developer PAN Vision. In the game, you play the role of Kitty, an up and coming tattoo artist that dreams of one day becoming world famous just like her idol, Pat Don V. If you’ve played other management games before, then you know the whole point of the game is to manage your flow of customers and try to make them all happy while still doing your job correctly. Where Kitty’s Tattoo might differ from other management type games is that the game adds actual interactive elements that aren’t just button presses or placing objects and people in queues. The game includes a pretty in-depth minigame that allows you to actually tattoo your customers where payment and happiness are determined by how accurate your skills are.

With each character you tattoo, you get to choose the difficulty level of each design based on how complicated it is. You can either go easy, medium, or hard. Easy tattoos basically just consist of an outline and are mainly all black. Medium difficulty tattoos are just like the easy ones, except now you have to fill them in with color. Hard level tattoos consist of multiple elements you need to draw of various line thicknesses as well as adding lots of color. This mode is super hard and requires a really steady hand. You need to adjust your line thickness in this mode otherwise going out of the lines will cause your customers pain and make you lose the minigame.

You progress through the game by tattooing a specific number of customers a day. As you complete them, you’ll gain money and rep which will help you open up new customers and cities. The more you play, the more famous you become and the closer to your goal of becoming world renowned you will get.

Kitty’s Tattoo is a fun, unique management type game that brings something new and fresh to the genre. The interactive tattooing really makes the game stand out and is what makes the game fun and different. With different difficulty setting, players of any skill level can play and because of the way the game is laid out, you can always choose the difficulty you want to play on a customer to customer basis. As with most management games, you’ll be repeating the same tasks over and over again, but thankfully, there is enough variety with the tattoo designs to keep things interesting.

Kitty’s Tattoo HD is available now in the App Store for $2.99. It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


In Kitty’s Tattoo, the player plays the role of Kitty, an up-and-coming tattoo artist who dreams of one day becoming as renowned a tattoo artist as her idol, Pat Don V. To achieve that goal, Kitty (the player) will have to tattoo and manage her customers properly.

– Lots of destinations and levels provides hours of gameplay.
– Challenge your friends and their scores on Facebook.
– Retina display support.

[via App Store]

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