TGWK’s Review of “iShot: Pirates” v1.0 (iOS)

iShot: Pirates is from developers Assyria Studios. In the game, you must protect your ship from deadly pirates with a limited supply of ammo. It is a shooter game, although the mechanics of the game are quite different from anything I’ve ever played. With most touch based games, you usually just tap on the area you want to shoot. With iShot: Pirates however, you have to first tap on your weapon and then drag it to a moving target in order to register a good hit. Anything outside of the target is considered a miss. There is no time limit so you can take your time to aim, but again, with limited ammo, you must make sure your shots are dead center.

I’ll start off by saying that there is actually very little going on in the game while playing. All there is is a static background picture of a pirate’s face with a targeting circle that moves around the screen. On the bottom left is where your “pistol” is and where you must tap first in order shoot your bullets at the target. Again, there’s a limited amount of ammo, but you can gain more ammo every time you make a  specific number of superb rated shots. This is the only way to really get a high score in the game by constantly gaining more ammo.

iShot: Pirates is a decent casual game, but there isn’t really enough visual flare if you’re looking for a game with lots of action. The shooting mechanics are unique but it’s not enough to distract you from the boring, static backgrounds. There also really isn’t much to do in the game either in terms of game modes since the game really consists of just one mode with 3 difficulty settings. After a few play throughs, I got bored of it due to the repetitive nature of the game. iShot: Pirates isn’t really as exciting as the description makes it out to be.

iShot: Pirates is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Protect your ship from bloodthirsty pirates in this epic quick-fire mini game!

Draw your weapon and let rip a slew of bullets into the dastardly pirates invading your ship! But be careful to aim well though, you have a limited supply of bullets and will need to get maximum accuracy if you want to one day be named king of the pirates!

– Compare yourself against other worthy sea dogs using Game Centre to become master of the sea!
– Show off your skills with a pistol to all your crew on Facebook!
– Work your way through a multitude of enemies from the pirate weaklings, to the pirate captain!

Set sail on your epic adventure and get iShot: Pirates today!

[via App Store]

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