TGWK’s Review – Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron HD v1.1 (iPad)

Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron HD is a game designed by OriginatorLimited, but developed by 3 Squared. The game tries to make recycling fun by introducing all kinds of weird and wacky objects to sort and recycle. The core game itself is a matching style game where you’ll need to match objects to certain shapes on the recyclatron. Once you match up all the empty spaces, you can move on to the next level.

The game itself is very easy to play. At the bottom they’ll show a group of objects and at the top will be a conveyor belt with silhouettes of objects that move from side to side. All you do is drag the object to the corresponding silhouette until you fill in all the missing objects. The audio in the game is pretty quirky but fun sounding so I think kids will like this a lot, especially with all the weird sounds and background music.

All-in-all, Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron HD can be a fun matching game. There are lots of different recycling themes included and each has a ton of different objects you need to match up. There are 36 different levels and one bonus level to play once all 36 are completed. There will also be more levels added in future updates. Adults may find this game a bit easy too play, but children will have a fun with it and it’s really a great, fast paced matching style game for them to play.

Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron HD is available now in the App Store for $1.99. It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


‘Doctor Wunda’s Recyclatron’ is an audio visual feast of originality which actually makes the subject of recycling fun!

The gameplay is an intense sorting exercise which is divided into six chapters and 32 levels with each chapter representing different types of recyclable material.

Progress through the game is increasingly difficult as each of the six inner levels must be completed to unlock the next.

Throughout the application the voice of Doctor Wunda, injects a little encouragement and ridicule in equal measure as you sort through everything from a suit of armour to a banana.

A wriggly surprise awaits those who complete the game when the ‘super-organic composterizer’ bonus level is unlocked.

[via App Store]

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