A Sneak Peak at Prank’s New iPad Game, Ant Raider

Once in a while, a game comes along and really catches my attention. Today is one of those days. After viewing the the sneak peak of Prank’s newest iPad game, Ant Raid, I have to say that the game looks pretty impressive. For starters, Ant Raid looks like it makes full use of the iPad’s touch screen and the gameplay itself looks like fun. The graphics look really good while the audio gave me the giggles.

Ant Raider comes out next week, July 6th so hopefully we’ll get a chance to get a closer look at the game.

Press Release

TAMPERE, Finland, June 29th, 2011 – Prank Ltd, an independent game developer has announced the launch date of its first original title for iPad. Ant Raid hits App Store on July 6th, Wednesday, priced at $2.99/€2.39/£1.79.

Ant Raid is a mixture of action, arcade and strategy. Players help a vibrant colony of ants survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters by the toxic fumes of insecticide. Ant Raid features a quirky storyline, Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards, 60 story levels, 40 challenge levels, 4 endless survival levels and 300 collectable stars in its launch version.

“Before the original iPad was released, we decided to make a unique gaming experience solely for the big-screen device, without having to worry about compromises between devices. Almost a year and a half later, the game is finally ready to see daylight. The team is really excited and can’t wait for Ant Raid to go live”, states Seppo Santapukki, Creative Director of Prank.

New videos, screenshots and a whole lot more can be found from Ant Raid’s official website at www.antraid.com.


About Prank Ltd:

The five members of the newly found company share years of experience in the industry, and have a long track-record of games developed for world-famous brands and globally leading publishers. Currently Prank focuses on small and middle-sized digitally distributed games with high production values.

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