Trailer: Big Sticky by BIG BAD BRUSH

We’ve featured a few previous games from BIG BAD BRUSH before so it’s only natural that we would feature their upcoming game, Big Sticky. Not scheduled to be released until the end of this month, Big Sticky promises to continue BIG BAD BRUSH’s line of unique games with original gameplay and strange story lines.

Look for Big Sticky later this month. For more information, click the read more link below for the full press release.

Press Release

BIG BAD BRUSH inc., a Canadian based game developer, today announced their much anticipated iOS game Big Sticky, will be available on the app store, July 26, 2011 (pending review and approval). Utilizing intuitive controls combined with original gameplay, Big Sticky will be sure to dazzle, challenge, and entertain gamers of all ages. Stay tuned for follow up releases with promo codes.

– Original gameplay with simple intuitive controls
– Using the tongue, tap to stick and swing away!
– 51 platformer puzzle levels to overcome
– 5 beautifully illustrated worlds to explore
– Many out of this world princesses to save
– Collect roses and earn gold trophies
– Obstacles such as fireballs, moving walls, switches and more!
– Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad

About Big Sticky:
Sticky, a purple frog prince, was living happily with his princess until one day chaos erupted when a jealous lonely castle abducts her, and all the other princesses in the world! Injured by the evil castle, Sticky is forced to use his Big Sticky tongue to stick and swing in search for his beloved princess.

With simple intuitive controls combined with an original gameplay experience, Sticky can propel its tongue out with only a tap to stick to objects above and swing across the screen. Using this swinging action, Sticky must get to the castle door to save the princess hidden within each level. With a total of 51 platformer puzzle levels, there’s always new obstacles and challenges to overcome.

Join Sticky in this wild sticky adventure as you swing over snow, lava, enchanted platforms, moving walls and more! Everyone needs a little purple hero and there’s never a dull moment in this fairy O’ tale!

About Big Bad Brush inc.
BIG BAD BRUSH inc., developer and publisher of iOS games with a homebase in Canada, is devoted to creating fun funky games for every user.

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