Indie Games: Safari Party Trailer and Features

Safari Party is a new match-4 style game from developer Pixowl Games. It’s advertised as an arcade puzzler where players must strategically move animals around in order to create matching groups of 4 or more. Safari Part features are from French cartoonist Laurel which will be very appealing for children. Unlike other match-4 games, this one also ha a bit of a storyline to it so that should also help differentiate itself from others.


What makes Safari Party special?

It’s not just another puzzle game, it’s a lot more. Combining puzzle, arcade and strategy elements, the game allows users to gain total control over the playfield. Users can tap on the offered groups of animals or create a large ones. The game offers some new and unexpected but mind intriguing features that along with adorable cartoonish graphics (drawn by famous French cartooniost and blogger Laurel), crazy bonuses and funny achievements will definitely provide hours of of fun, laughter and joy for players of all types.

Other highlights are:

  • 5 different themes across the globe: Forest, Safari, Metropole, Ocean, North Pole!
  • 3 game-play modes: Arcade, Speed or Expert
  • Unlock secret achievements and become the best world photographer
  • Crazy and super helpful bonuses: rock, cloud and joker
  • Share your best photo shoots by Email/Twitter/Facebook
  • Endless hours of fun for the whole family
  • Cute cartoon graphics drawn by Laurel (famous French comic book illustrator)
  • Graphics adapted to Retina display (HD)
  • Universal app: optimized to work natively on your iPad
  • OpenFeint & GameCenter integration for Leaderboards and Achievements

The game is available for download at:

Product page:

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