TGWK’s Review – What Note Is This v1.0 (iOS)

What Note Is This is an app from developer Okeedoke Studios that teaches you how to read basic notes on a note scale. It’s a basic app that uses flashcards with notes on them and you must press the correct note on the keyboard. There are really just two modes in the game, practice mode and quiz mode. Again, it’s a simple app that won’t teach how to play any songs or chords, but it will teach you the basics.  In order to learn how to play music, you must first have to learn to read it.

The app itself again is very simple to use. There is a good sized keyboard at the bottom which you can tap and drag to play the entire range of a piano. Piano keys also display the note for beginners, but if you think you’re advanced enough and really want to test yourself, you can disable the showing of the notes in the settings. In the settings, you can also tell the app what range of note you want to practice as well. In the main play area, flashcards are shown up top and you must tap the correct corresponding keys. If you tap correctly, it’ll light up green. If wrong, you’ll get an overlay of what note you tapped on top of the correct note on the flashcard.

Once you feel confident that you know where all the notes are and can read sheet music, you can take the quiz to test your knowledge. The quizzes work exactly like how the practice sessions work so you won’t really need to learn anything new here.

What Note Is This is a bare-bones learning tool for beginners who have never touched a piano before and want to learn the basics. There’s nothing fancy about it, but it gets the job done and does what it sets out to do. If you are tired of the learning aspects of the app, you can easily just play for fun as the app will allow you to play whatever you want easily. I would say it’s a good app for kids and an easy way to get them to learn how to read basic music.

What Note Is This is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Instead of standing next to your piano and continually asking your child, “What Note is This?”, use this app. Now you and/or your child will be knowing what note this is. “What Note is This?” is the most fun way to learn basic note reading on the iPad for beginning musicians of all ages.

Watch the video on our website!

*** Learn notes in practice mode! ***

Flick your way through endless flashcards of notes. A shadow note shows the note you played, and the lights on the piano turn green when you press the correct key.

*** Challenge yourself to a quiz! ***

Take 10-note quizzes with fast-paced auto-card-flicking action! Lights turn red and green to show your accuracy.

*** Adaptable learning environment! ***

Need to focus on bass clef? No problem! Not ready for sharps and flats? Stick with the “beginner” mode. Big letters on the keys bothering you? Turn them off. They don’t mind.

*** Things to achieve! ***

Collect stickers for your accomplishments! Can you identify 10 notes in less than 20 seconds? Can you identify every sharp and flat during a quiz? We’ll reward your tenacity with digital stickers.

*** For all ages! ***

Easy enough for children, but even easier enough for adults. Spend 20 minutes a day with this app, and I guarantee you’ll have spent 20 minutes with this app.

*** Much, much more – wait, no, that’s about it. ***

[via App Store]


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