New to iOS? Must Have Free iPhone Apps to Get You Started

With the new iPhone 4S arriving this week to eager new buyers, I though this would be an opportune time to list out some of my favorite free iOS apps to get you started. There’s a little bit of everything here, especially for most of your social media needs as well as a few useful utilities here and there. This is just a tiny list of what is available to you in the Apple App Store and like most people, you’ll be browsing the store on a daily basis looking for more new and interesting apps.

These are some of my personal favorites and ones I use on a daily basis. Obviously each person has their own tastes so not everyone will like these. I do highly recommend downloading Pulse, Instagram, Find My iPhone, Pandora, and Dropbox. The other apps are mainly social networking apps so will only appeal to you if you have an account with them.

Again, welcome to all the new iOS users out there who just purchased the new iPhone 4S. Say goodbye to your free time.

Social Networks

Chat Clients

News Readers


Image Sharing


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