Crayola and Griffin Launch Crayola Trace & Draw for iPad 2

Earlier we posted about the new Crayola Paint & Create app for the iPad. Well, they also announced another new product and its called the Crayola Trace & Draw for the iPad 2. In conjunction with Griffin again, this is a new item that makes use of the iPad’s screen as well as traditional Crayola markers. By snapping your iPad 2 into the specially designed case, children will be able to use the iPad as an art station. By combining it with the free to download Trace & Draw app, they’ll be able to trace works of art onto paper and then color them as they wise.

As opposed to their other apps that keep their creation in digital format, the Crayola Trace & Draw kit allows children to create physical pieces of art that they can display in the real world. The kit includes a specially designed hard case, screen protector, and pre-cut paper.

Click the read more link below for more details and full press release.

Press Release

Nashville, TN / Easton, PA – October 20, 2011 – Crayola, whose products have inspired creative expression in children for more than 100 years and Griffin Technology, one of the world’s foremost creators of innovations for everyday life, announce the availability of the Crayola Trace & Draw for iPad 2. The accessory and app combo turn the iPad 2 into an animated drawing and coloring activity center for young artists.

“Using the Trace & Draw case, parents can feel at ease letting their children play with their iPad 2,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “Teaming up with Crayola, we’ve made a case and app combo that lets children unlock their inner artist to create great pieces of artwork for home or office display.”

“The iPad has become another canvas for kids to express their creativity,” said Warren Schorr, Head of Crayola Licensing. “With Trace & Draw, children can easily create masterpieces as they enjoy two of their favorite things — creating with Crayola and playtime on the iPad.”

Designed for use with the free Trace & Draw app, the Crayola Trace & Draw is both a protective case and art station in one. When combined with the App, young artists have more than 35 different characters to trace along with fun animations and activities that provide hours of creative play.

Surrounded by a shatter-resistant shell, the iPad 2 paired with Trace and Draw becomes an interactive art center. Recommended for ages 3 and up, the Trace & Draw includes a black Crayola fineline marker and 50 sheets of pre-sized tracing paper. A durable static peel screen protector shields the Multi Touch display from smudges and fingerprints and a sliding drawer is perfect for storing the Crayola marker when not in use.

The Trace & Draw for iPad 2 is available for $39.99 from Apple Retail Stores,, Target,, and

The Crayola Trace & Draw App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at

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