Photo Editing Apps I Use On My iPhone

When it comes to photo editing apps on the iPhone, the App Store is filled with plenty. There are tons and tons of photo editing apps available so finding the right one can be difficult. Most offer the same basic functionality while other go above and beyond what is expected. Instead of listing what the top photo editing apps are in the App Store, I will instead offer you a list of what I actually use on my iPhone. These are apps I use on a daily basis that I switch between depending on the look and feel I want with a photo.

These are in no particular order:

Pixlr-o-matic – (free) – I use this app if I want to quickly add predefined filters to my photos. This app is very easy to use and offers a live view of each filter. You can apply multiple filters, but only if they are in different categories. It allows you to save directly to your camera roll or post to your favorite social networks.

FX Photo Studio – ($1.99) – This app is similar to Pixlr-o-matic but offers way precise settings. I use this app if I really need to have complete control over my filters. You can apply multiple filters as well but as many as you want and from any category. FX Photo Studio offers what I would consider the most complete editing package at a fairly low price.

Halftone – ($0.99) – I use this app more as a novelty than an editing app. Halftone allows you to make your images look like halftone newspaper comics. It offers limited photo editing but allows you to apply paper textures, text, and word stamps to your image.  Like the others, you can share these images to your favorite social networks.

Tiltshift Generator – ($0.99) – This was one of the first apps I had ever installed on my iPhone. It’s one main function really is to create tiltshift-like images, however, I’ve found that its quite useful in producing lomo-like effects as well while being able to customize things like saturation, contrast, brightness, blur, and vignetting. Even though it only does a fraction of what Pixlr-o-matic and FX Photo Studio can do, I still find myself using it quite often.

Instagram – (free) – This app gets daily usage from me mainly because I use it to share photos on Twitter. I know twitter now has its own image service, but I just like Instagram better, especially with all it’s neat filters and social aspects.

Labelbox – (free) – Like Halftone, Labelbox is a novelty app, but one that is actually quite useful sometimes for me. It allows you to apply labels to any photo you take. This is great if you want to tag specific parts of a photo or if you want to even censor certain parts. Again, you can save all images to your camera roll or share them directly with other networks.

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