TGWK’s Review – Cygnett ICON Art Series iPhone 4/4S Case Featuring Nathan Jurevicius

This is the second iPhone 4/4S case that Cygnett sent to me following that last review I posted for the Apollo case that you can read here. This case is called the ICON and it is there art series, slim-fit case that features exclusive designs from artist Nathan Jurevicius and influenced by his Scarygirl series. Unlike the Apollo that I reviewed before, the ICON case is all about style and is sure to attract lots of interested stares and comments from would be admirers.

The design that Cygnett sent to me is the “Hootsville” (Owl) design which to my surprise, drew lots of comments on my Instagram post, mainly from women. They all seemed to really like the design and I’d have to agree with them. It’s very eye catching and definitely makes a statement. Before I get too much into the art though, let me first talk about the case itself.

The ICON is a very slim, form-fitting case. It’s made out of some sort of plastic and isn’t very thick. It’s hard enough to be protective, but soft enough where you can twist it a bit. The interior of the case is coated in matte black and features a soft rubberized coating that feels very smooth to the touch. It is also stamped with the Cygnett logo as well as the name of the case and the artist. The outside of the case is completely covered by Nathan Jurevicius’s art work and and also has a soft rubberized coating on it.

If you’re looking for a highly protective case, the ICON isn’t it. The ICON provides very minimal protection. It will mainly only protect the rear of your iPhone, the sides, and all 4 corners. It will not protect the top and bottom edges of your iPhone however as it is open in these areas. It is also not raised on the front side which means that placing your iPhone face down results in the screen touching the surface. The ICON sacrifices maximum protection in order to achieve maximum style. It is very slim and adds almost nothing to the overall thickness of your iPhone. In fact, this is one of the slimmest cases I have ever used.

Back to the topic of the art work, Cygnett did a great job of really making the artwork crisp and colorful. Even with the rubberized coating, the artwork has lots of detail and very solid colors. Nathan Jurevicius’s art is really quite good and the ICON case does a great job of displaying his work.

As is the case with the other Cygnett case, the packaging on this is great. Again, I love the fact that Cyngett took the eco-friendly approach to its packaging. The inner part is made of sugar cane pulp and both the outer and inner parts are recyclable. It’s also frustration free packaging meaning that it is easy to open and you won’t have to fight with it to get to your precious case. Included in the package is also a front screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and a squeegee to help apply the protector.

Features & Specs

  • Each illustration features vibrant colours and intricate details
  • Soft-feel coating makes the case feel silky smooth
  • Slim fit accentuates the form of your iPhone
  • Limited edition

Final Thoughts

The ICON is very slim and stylish. It may not be very protective but what it lacks in protection, it makes up for in style and attention. Seriously if you are looking for a case that will get you looks, the ICON does the job flawlessly. I’ve already had so many compliments on this case that I’m willing to overlook its shortcomings just because people come up to me asking about it.

The Cygnett ICON case featuring Nathan Jurivicius is available now in 3 different designs – Underwater House, Hootsville, and Tea Party and retail for $39.99. You can find them on Amazon here:

Underwater House – Cygnett CY0672CPICO Icon Designer Case for iPhone 4S – Yellow

Hootsville – Cygnett CY0673CPICO Icon Designer Case for iPhone 4S – Pink

Tea Party – Cygnett CY0671CPICO Icon Designer Series Case for iPhone 4S – Blue

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