Cygnett Workmate Pro iPhone 4/4S Case Review []

I’ve reviewed several Cygnett cases here already in the past and have been generally quite pleased with what I’ve seen from them. The cases have been very stylish and very functional offering a complete range of protection. I’ve seen minimal protection cases like the ICON and Urbanshield as well a well rounded cases like the Apollo Hybrid that offered complete protection. Well, what I have here right now is called the Workmate Pro and this goes beyond the level of protection the Apollo Hybrid provided. In fact, this is the Workmate Pro is the toughest case that Cygnett carries. If the Apollo Hybrid was an armored car, the Workmate Pro would be a tank.

The Workmate Pro is a 2-piece case consisting of an inner layer of silicone and an outer shell made of polycarbonate. You must first place your iPhone into the silicone sleeve and then snap the polycarbonate shell around it. Unlike their other cases I’ve reviewed so far, the Workmate Pro case also covers the bottom portion of the screen where the home button is. This helps protect the home button area from drops as well as from dirt and debris. The outer polycarbonate shell helps protect from major drops while the silicone inner layer helps absorb the shock.

Not sure if you can tell by the picture but this is not a slim case, however it is slimmer than some other heavy-duty cases out there like the Otterbox. Those coming from slim cases will definitely find this case to be chunky though no matter how you look at it but the advantage here is that the design and bulk make it much more protective of a case and one that you would feel more confident using if you’re involved in an active lifestyle.

Features & Specs

  • Layers of silicone combined with high-quality polycarbonate shell absorbs shock during falls
  • Slimline case provides extra protection without adding bulk
  • Easily access all ports, controls & connectors
  • Includes a screen protector & microfiber cleaning cloth

The Workmate Pro is a very good heavy-duty case. I found it to be very protective and like the fact that it does also protect the home button from dust and debris. It’s also a very grippy case which if great as I have found many cases these days to be too slippery when held and makes your phone more prone to drops. I like how the silicone sleeve protrudes through the back of the case and is part of the overall design. It gives your fingers a really comfortable place to grip on. On the negative side however, silicone is a major lint magnet so if you keep this in your pocket, be prepared to clean the lint off regularly.

At $19.99, the Cygnett Workmate Pro is very affordable and also includes a screen protector as a bonus.

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