Plants vs. Zombies Trading Cards – Profits Going to Charity

Super quick post for this. Popcap is now selling Plants vs Zombies trading card sets up on their storefront. This includes Limited Edition Cards Featuring Signed Cards and Original Sketches as bonus items. You can either buy them in a 4-pack, which includes 7 cards per pack or the entire retail box which includes 24 packs. The full retail box will include all 50 base cards, all 10 chase cards, such as scratch ‘n’ sniff, tattoo and sticker cards, as well as a press sheet and either a signature card OR a sketch card from original Plants vs. Zombies artist Rich Werner.
That means that if you want the complete set, you’re better off buying the whole box.

You can pick up the retail box for $79.20 right now or the 4-pack for $16.00. All profits will go to charity and the sale will end this Friday, November 30th.

[via Plants vs Zombies Store]


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