Crazy Aaron’s New and Improved Super Magnetic Thinking Putty Review

super_puttyBack in November, I had a chance to play with Crazy Aaron’s Super Magnetic Thinking Putty. It was something totally different from what I usually look at on here but it was fun nonetheless. I’ve played with clay and putty before but the fact that Thinking Putty is able to be magnetized makes it loads more fun and unique. I was pretty impressed with the original Super Magnetic Thinking Putty and now, the mad scientists over at Aaron’s have come up with a new and improved version of it that updates original in several ways.

The improvements to the Super Magnetic Thinking Putty are many. For starters, the Aaron’s putty has been reformulated to be much softer and a lot more flexible. The old one wasn’t bad but the new one is a lot more moldable and easier to shape. The Super Magnetic line too now include two new colors – Tidal Wave and Reactive Razz. The one I was sent was Tidal Wave which is a dark metallic blue that has lots of little sparkly, glittery flakes in it. The other major difference between the new putty and the old putty is that the magnet included is completely different now. Instead of the old neodymium magnet, the new magnet is a much larger ceramic magnet. It’s almost 4x larger than the old magnet.

Aside from the changes, Crazy Aaron’s Super Magnetic Thinking Putty still does all the amazing things the old putty did. Yes you can play with it like plain old regular super putty but it has special magnetic properties once you introduce the magnet into the mix. It becomes magnetically charged with the magnet present. It will even have its own positive and negative charges making for some interesting interactions with the magnet. You can attract or repulse the putty using the magnet and if you leave the magnet alone with it, it will even slowly engulf the magnet into itself. It’s something you need to see to believe.

Again, there are a ton of things you can do with this stuff, it all depends on your imagination and what you can think of. It beats playing with clay or regular putty and you get a lot of it with each little tin can.

A quick look over at Amazon and you’ll see that these are actually a little bit cheaper than the old putties despite all the improvements. They are available in four colors now, the original Quicksilver and Strange Attraction along with the new Tidal Wave and Reactive Razz.

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