The Letter Monster for iOS Review

letter_monster_iconIf you’re looking for good children’s games, there are basically a handful of great developers out there who constantly make something fun and educational. Wombi is one of those developers. I’ve looked at a few of their apps in the past and have always though they were pretty good and very suitable for young children. Their latest games are no different. Wombi released a triplet of new educational “monster” games with the first one I’m looking at called The Letter Monster. The Letter Monster has you feeding a hungry sea monster specific letters that he calls out. Children have the opportunity to learn both capital and lower case letters and the ability to recognize them by sight and sound.

This is really a simple, yet effective educational game. Basically, the “letter monster” calls out specific letters that he wants you to feed to him. He will say the letter, for instance, “feed me the letter big Y.” The letter will show up on his captain’s hat. All you have to do is drag the cookie with the corresponding letter into his mouth. If you feed him the wrong letter, he will spit it back out. That’s all there is to it.

Graphics are pretty good. The monster is fully animated and pretty funny looking. It even has a really lively voice (like a pirate) and will occasionally say some sort of funny phrase.

The Letter Monster is strictly for young children who are just learning their ABC’s. It does a good job of keeping them interested since each time they play through it, the letters are randomly tossed in. Though the game may be repetitive for us, it’s good for children as they learn through repetition. All in all, Wombie has come out with another winner here.

App Store Link: The Letter Monster
Version: 1.0
Developer: Wombi
Price: $2.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


★★★ The Letter Monster will teach you the ABC! ★★★

Arrrgh! The Letter Monster is hungry at sea, and he needs you to feed him the right letters! He might not have the best manners, but when you feed this picky eater the right sea biscuits, he gets very happy! This game helps children practice letters outside of the ordered context of the alphabet, and it also serves as an introduction to the differences between lowercase and capital letters.

–Fun and accessible for kids ages 3 and up–

Kids can play on their own by following the sea captain’s verbal instructions. His voice is gruff and his appetite is big, but his bark is worse than his bite!

With its click-and-drag interface, this game is simple to play so kids can focus on learning. Verbal cues from the monster teach the correlation between sound and letter, and visual cues are also available as a game setting option.

The graphics of this game are friendly and creative. The squiggly green sea captain reacts to player’s answers with lively comments and expressions. The setting is eye-catching and transporting. Out at sea, the water is bright and the Letter Monster’s ship is flying a slew of colorful flags.

Kids will learn the letters of the alphabet, with the option to incorporate lowercase and capitalized letters. You can also decide if you only want to practice vowels or consonants or both. For younger beginners, visual cues are optional in the game settings to assist with learning, and they’ll appear on the captain’s nautical hat. This game is available in four languages: English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

–Take ‘er out to sea, and learn the ABC’s!–

[via App Store]

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