Wombi Helicopter v1.0 for iOS Review

wombiehelicopter_iconWombi is a name synonymous with kids games, which is mainly all they ever make. It seems like at least ever couple of months, they release a new game to their portfolio, and more often then not, these games are pretty good. Their latest game released is called Wombi Helicopter and it’s a simple game for young children that allows them to create and fly helicopters.

You start off with the skeleton of a helicopter. Kids will be able to choose from different parts to build one from the cockpit, the tail section, and the rotor blades. Once completed, their helicopter will take off on an adventure through the city. The game portion of it is easy enough for them to play. Tap on the screen to keep he helicopter afloat while avoiding buildings and other flying vehicles and birds. They will however need to rescue friends who are floating with balloons. Once you rescue 3 friends, the game will end and they will get to build a brand new helicopter and start the adventure all over again.

Again, it’s a really simple game for young children so the gameplay is quite repetitive and short. They will get to build a new helicopter each time however and I do notice that the designs they can choose from change with each play through.

Overall a nice game for young kids. It’s free so you might as well grab it just to give them something new to play to occupy some time. They should really like the colorful animations and sounds that Wombi Helicopter offers so it’s worth checking out. Wombi Helicopter is also available for Android.

App Store Link: Wombi Helicopter
Google Play Store Link: Wombi Helicopter
Price: Free
Developer: Wombi
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


★★★ Build your own helicopter for an exciting rescue adventure! ★★★

The citizens of your city have taken too many balloons and are floating into the sky! Can you build the perfect helicopter to go on a rescue mission? Design your own aircraft, pick your own colors, and fly through the clustered city to pick up passengers before it’s too late! Watch out, though: an evil skunk has tracked you down and is out to sabotage your flight! How many citizens can YOU rescue before your archenemy takes you down?

– A wide variety of helicopter design options!
– A new flight adventure every time you play!
– Colorful city illustrations!
– Extra challenges, including the return of the evil skunk, to increase game excitement
– Illustrated animal characters for friendly gameplay
– Music and sound effects set to the action
– Suitable for kids ages 4+
– Totally FREE!

If you like Wombi Helicopter…then check out Wombi Airplane, with more levels, challenges, and adventure!

[via App Store]

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