Sea Tale HD for iOS Review – A Fun, Physics-based Puzzler For All Ages

seatale_hd_iconWhen it comes to mobile games, there are several genres that always appear in the App Store. One of those is that of physics based puzzlers. There are literally thousands and thousands of these games in there with only a small percentage that really stand out. Well, the latest drop in that bucket is Sea Tale HD from Nevosoft vying for your attention. The game features Fishy, a fish from the coral reef. He wants to complete his starfish collection so he sets out on his own to collect the specimens he is missing. You must help him as he ventures to different location, a shoal, a shipwreck, a reef, and a grotto, and guide him to that which he seeks.

I’ll start this off by saying that although the game seems all cute and cuddly like it’s for kids, it is actually challenging enough that even adults will enjoy playing this. Controls are pretty easy to figure out. Basically you just tap the screen which causes ripples where you tap. Tap anywhere near Fishy and he will go in the direction of the ripples. If you tap underneath him, he’ll go up, tap to the right of him and he’ll go left. Continuously tap beneath him to keep him afloat. It’s not that hard but does require a tiny bit of practice to control him well. Most of the game involves you moving Fishy around so he can collect starfish and then getting him back to the safety of his jar.

Graphically, the game is really good looking with bright, colorful graphics and animations. It will probably get some comparisons to Finding Nemo, but mainly because it’s all set underwater and Fishy does sort of resemble Nemo, if you squint. Audio is also pretty good with background music that has kind of an island-type flavor to it.

Overall, Sea Tale HD is a fun physics based puzzler for both kids and adults. The game is easy to get into and though it starts off fairly easy, the challenges to ramp up as you play. I like the art style even though it’s a bit on the cute side but kids will really like it because of its colors and main character. Adults will like the game because there are tons of puzzles to figure out and most are quite creative. I say Sea Tales HD is a great game and well worth the purchase if you are a fan of physics based puzzlers.

App Store Link: Sea Tale HD
Version: 1.2
Developer: Nevosoft / Lemon Tree Studio
Price: $1.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


A cozy house on a coral reef, a lazy and peaceful life underwater, an enormous home library – what more could Fishy possibly need to be happy? And yet, Fishy has a dream: complete a collection of starfish! Our avid collector finally decides to go in search of the missing specimens. This is the beginning of an incredible adventure! But it can’t make it on its own – brave Fishy needs your help!

Starfish are lurking everywhere – from shoals and deep sea chasms to grottos and reefs.
As you go you’ll discover that they’re not that easy to get: You’ll need to open locked doors, clear stones from your path, break down walls and sidestep pitfalls. But when times are tough your true friends, other inhabitants of the underwater world, will come to your rescue!

Key features include:

– 4 underwater locations: a shoal, a shipwreck, a reef, and a grotto
– Control the fish by tapping the screen
– Unique and charming characters
– Excellent graphics

Help brave Fishy fulfill a lifetime dream and return home safe and sound!

[via App Store]

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