New Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Update 1.05 Increases Zombie Numbers [Video]

Warning: This game contains adult content so it should only be played by those 18+ unless you have the consent of an adult. This is mainly due to the graphic nature associated with zombie slaying, WW2 games, and Nazis!

I play Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army from time to time still and think it’s pretty fun to play. Well, Rebellion has now made it even more fun with their latest 1.05 update. This update now adds the ability to increase zombie numbers in multiplayer mode as well as adding drop in / drop out functionality. I know this was a huge deal with players before concerning the lack of drop in/ drop out so it’s great that Rebellion is listening to their fans.

Look for the game on STEAM and again, note that the game is not intended for young children.

Press Release

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army multiplies the terror with Spring updates

Major new features added based on player feedback

Oxford, 9th May 2013 – Independent UK developer Rebellion has today released update 1.05 for co-op survival shooter Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, not only enabling co-op players to multiply the numbers of enemies they face, but also adding support for drop in / drop out functionality.

Hot on the heels of April’s popular ‘Multiplier’ update – allowing solo-players to increase the numbers of enemies they face to terrifying levels – this update is the second major feature added to the game in less than a month based on suggestions and comments from the game’s growing community.

Update 1.05 also includes a small selection of fixes.

A short trailer explains how the new multiplier update works for solo players in the campaign:

Key features:

  • Drop in / drop out functionality to help players find a game quicker and join other games in progress

  • Co-op enemy ‘multiplier’ allowing two or three players to multiply the enemies to the levels faced in four player co-op.

  • Bug fixes

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