Will Mobile Games Be Just As Popular and Fun on a Larger Screen?

This is the question that comes into mind when I think of all these new android based micro-consoles that are coming out, such as the Ouya, GameStick, and now the newly announced GamePop. You see, these developers all seem to think there is a place for playing mobile games on a much bigger medium other than your smartphone. They want to take the smartphone experience and translate that over to a much bigger television. The question is, will it work?

Yes mobile gaming is hugely popular right now, but there’s a reason for that. It’s because they are mobile and you’re not tethered to a stationary television set.

The only reason I play mobile games is because I can take those games with me and it’s so easy to just play them at a whim. You can’t do that with a console that is tied down to a television set. Plus, I honestly can’t see many of these games being that much more fun to play on a giant TV that would warrant me wanting to play it on a TV as opposed to my mobile device. But that’s just me.

I’ve tried to play a few games that have made the transition from being a mobile game to console form and while it may have sounded like a great idea, it didn’t make me want to play it any more than I was already doing on my mobile device. Here’s a for instance, Jetpack Joyride as you know is a hugely popular mobile game. It also made it’s way to PlayStation 3 via PSN. I have it on there. I’ve played maybe 3 times and lost interest. Why? Because if I had to spend all that time turning on my console, TV and loading up the game, I can think of a lot of other console games I’d rather be playing than a casual “mobile” game. Of course those console only games I can’t take with me while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, which is why I play mobile games.

What do you guys think about this trend? Do you think this will be the next big thing or a giant flop? I’d like to know your thoughts.

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