Share Timer – Makes Sharing Fun and Fair [iOS Review]

share_timer_iconIf there’s one thing that you always want to teach young children, it is the concept of sharing. It’s not the easiest thing to teach as the concept itself can be hard for them to grasp. They need to learn it though, especially if they have siblings. With that said Storybots was thinking the same thing and came up with s simple solution, the Share Timer app. The Share Timer app allows you to keep track of the amount of time each child is allowed to play with something before having to give it up and pass it to the next person to play with. It tried to do it in a fun manner so that children don’t mind having to share.

This is a very simple app but requires that you set up an account so that you can add a “character” to your account. Adding a character is simple. Just click the add button and then you can either use a photo from your camera roll or take a photo using the camera of your child’s face. From there you can then enter their name, specify if they are a boy or girl, and then if they are a child or grownup. Once added, they will be added into the list of people in the share timer.

Share Timer is very simple to use. once you have everyone in the share list, just add how long each person will be allowed to use something before having to switch off. You can set the time anywhere between 1 minute to 60  minutes. Start the timer and it will countdown each person’s turn. When the next person’s turn is coming up, it will count down again starting from the 10 second mark giving fair warning when it is time to switch. It will continue doing this until you tell it to stop. What’s neat though is that onscreen, it will show the countdown timer as well as a graphical representation of how much time is left.

Overall, Share Timer is a neat concept. It’s a fair way of giving kids an equal amount of time to use something. It even allows for background usage and keeps track of the time even if the app isn’t open. On the lock screen, it will even flash notifications of when to switch. If you’re looking for a way of teaching your children how to share, this might be a fair and fun way to do it. It’s a free app so it doesn’t help to try.

App Store Link: Share Timer
Version: 1.0.0
Developer: StoryBots / JibJab
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Do your kids have trouble sharing? Share Timer by StoryBots is a free iPhone app for parents, featuring an easy-to-use timer that makes it fun for kids to take turns. Simply add up to six kids, set the time for each turn and let Share Timer take over. The app’s visual display is perfect for pre-readers and uses sound to let kids know when it’s time to switch. Share Timer automatically resets after each turn and provides background notifications so you can start it and then get back to the other 1,001 things you have to do!

Share Timer is part of the StoryBots world of learning and fun for kids and sanity-saving tools for parents. Visit to check out all of our iPhone, iPad and web apps.

[via App Store]

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