Nintendo Announces the 2DS – A 3DS That Neither Folds Nor Plays Games in 3D


What you’re looking at is the new Nintendo 2DS, the latest handheld from Nintendo. It’s basically a 3DS that no longer plays games in 3D and now features a body that can no longer fold as well. On the plus side, the price of the 2DS is only $129 is which much cheaper than a 3DS and you’ll be able to play all the same games. However, due to the larger size now, it’s not exactly what I would call portable as it is no longer pocket friendly. Not sure what Nintendo was thinking here.

Anyways, look for the 2DS this October 12th, but I’d probably just spend a bit more and go for the 3DS XL or regular 3DS. Actually, now that I think about it, the Nintendo 2DS is perfect for children despite the fact that it is no longer that portable. You see, one of the main issues I had with the original DS Lite was that the hinge on it was really fragile. I know this because my son broke mine and I had to buy another. I can see this happening with the 3DS as well over time. Now with the 2DS, there is no hinge to break. It actually looks pretty solid and something that a kid could toss around a bit without worrying about breaking it. Not bad really.

[via Engadget]

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