Loop – Get Answers From Peers Through Social Polling (iOS App Review)

loop_iconSocial networking apps are still very huge despite the fact that there are so many of them right now. The trick is to come out with one that has a specific feature that no one else really has and go with it. For instance, Loop is a social network that has been out for a little while now but what makes this one different is that it is only for social polling. You don’t use Loop to post status updates or location information. You use Loop to ask your peers questions on topics you care about and need to know the answer too.

Posting a Loop is easy. Just type your question, set a list of answer parameters, and then add a photo if you want to. I suggest adding the photo as it adds a bit of flare to your question and will also draw in more participants. If you want, you can also share your Loop with followers on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. You can even create private Loops.

That brings me to only negative about Loop which really a negative for all new social networks. It is that you have to build your follower base back up from nothing. Yes, you can find users on it who might be Facebook or Twitter friends, but in my case, none of them were on it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have people participating in my Loops however, because I did.

What’s neat about Loop though are the stats that it can provide. It can give you a percentage breakdown of how people voted as well as being able to view stats like how many women or men voted and the breakdown of their age groups. You can even view stats based on this to breakdown the overall results as well.

Loop has potential. I like the social aspect of it an the fact that you are getting results from your peers. The statistical data is also neat and I like how they break it all down for you. The question though is will Loop become more popular or will it be another social network we use for a bit and then kick to the side? Only time will tell really. In my opinion though, Loop can definitely be fun, as long as you engage with it.

App Store Link: Loop
Version: 1.4
Developer: Nquiry, LLC
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Loop is the fast, simple, fun way to ask questions, get opinions, and find out what your friends really think. You ask the question, Loop in your friends, and Loop shows you what they’re thinking.

Where should we meet up after work?
What should I get my girlfriend for our Anniversary?
Who makes the best Mojito in town?

• Quickly create polls through simple, intuitive UI
• Ask any type of question: Yes/No, Multiple Choice or Photo polls
• Loop in your Pinboard or items from Amazon and ask your friends what they like best
• Your friends can easily view and vote on polls without having to download or install anything
• Create Private Loops with specific people to make group decisions
• Results are shown through fun infographics that you can filter by age or gender
• Share polls to Facebook and Twitter so your friends & followers can view, comment and vote on polls you post
• Follow your friends, celebrities, your favorite sports teams and more!

Get answers. Give answers. Stay in the Loop!

[via App Store]

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