Kids Academy 123 Tracing – Learn to Write Numbers Easily (iOS App Review)

123trace_iconIf you’re looking for an app that will teach your young one how to recognize and write their numbers, you should give Kids Academy 123 Tracing a look. I’ve looked at a few apps before that taught ABCs via tracing and they’ve been pretty effective in my household. This one is the first number tracing app I’ve used though that seems to be similar to the others ones I’ve used for letters and tries to make learning fun while also rewarding good progress.

Basically what this app does is teach your children how to write and recognize their numbers through repetition. As you know, repetition is a child’s best friend and it’s how they learn and commit to memory. I don’t expect them to learn things on their first try. I expect them to do things over and over again until it becomes second nature.

With 123 Tracing, they’ll be collecting fireflies on each number to fill up a jar. It’s almost like connect the dots where they’ll start at one point, trace the dotted line making sure to collect the fireflies, and then ending at the finishing point. Kids will be able to learn numbers 1 through 10 repeatedly saving more fireflies in the process and earning medals as rewards.

Kids Academy 123 Tracing is a great early learning tool for young children. I like games that reward children for hard work and this one does that. What’s also neat is that you can set up more than one profile for each child, if you have more than one, and keep track of their individual progress. The app is very finger friendly with a wide margin for error so kids don’t feel discouraged if they’re not perfect. Overall, a great app for teaching young children about their numbers.

App Store Link: Kids Academy 123 Tracing, Kids Academy 123 Tracing Free
Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Kids Academy
Price: $3.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


123 Tracing is an action-packed app that teaches kids numbers with engaging game that keeps them glued to the screen. Your little learners will have tons of fun learning their numbers in the interactive app loved by kids and parents alike.

This math game teaches fundamental math concepts critical for preschoolers: identifying numbers; one-to-one number correspondence; reading number symbols; associating symbols with quantity etc. Appropriate hints are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills. Not only can they discover numbers through initial independent play, you can also play collaboratively with your child.


* Game that make learning numbers a blast!
* Kid-friendly navigation
* Frequent repetition designed to help children learn numbers and their sequence
* Fun surprises and verbal encouragement that keep kids coming back for more
* Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert
* A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises
* Audio instructions
* Player profiles that allow more than one child to play and save their progress
* Kid-tested appropriate game

Why you’ll love it:

* Active learning: children learn by “doing,” completing a fun activity for every number.
* Strong educational content: playtime turns into productive learning, keeping children occupied while teaching them the numbers they need for math.

123 Tracing with its unique graphical styling, beautiful music, and interactivity is designed to engage, entertain, and educate your kids.

[via App Store]

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