My Happy World – A Hidden Objects Game for Children (iOS App Review)

myhappyworld_iconMy Happy World is a kid friendly take on on the popular hidden objects genre of games. The game is from Ringzero Game Studio and allows children to search for hidden objects in 20 different, colorful scenes. There are over 1000+ objects they can search for and add to their sticker book collection. My Happy World is a great introduction to the hidden objects style of games for children and will allow them to train their observational skills for real world use as well as future games of this type.

The main object of the game is to find the objects that are shown to you at the bottom of the screen. Find the exact same items in the picture and they will become highlighted as well as spoken to you what they are.Continue finding all the items on the list to complete each level. There is a time limit but if you get all the items correct, you should have plenty of extra time. If however you start tapping on the incorrect objects, you’ll find that the game penalizes you and takes away a chunk of your time.

With over 20 scenes to choose from, the game will have plenty of replayability especially since the list of objects you have to find changes each time you revisit the same scene. Supposedly there are over 1000+ objects to find that you can add to your sticker book. If you check out the sticker book, you can look through your collection and the items you’ve collected and tap on each one to hear what they are.

Graphically the game looks pretty good. It has that “cutout” look to it and everything is really bright and colorful. It’s a very fun and inviting looking game.

Overall, My Happy World is a great kids hidden object game. It’s simple enough for them to play, but still challenging enough where its not too simple and they get bored with it quickly. I’d say it’s a very good introduction to the hidden objects genre and maybe after playing this, they’ll want to play more games of this type.

App Store Link: My Happy World
Version: 1.3.0
Developer: Ringzero Game Studio
Price: $1.99
Compatible Devices: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.


Help your children to explore and get to know important objects in their surroundings starting from inside the house to the world beyond its fence!

Collect all 1,000+ objects from 20 gorgeous Hidden Object scenes guaranteed to be enjoyable by kids and even parents!

Non-English speakers can use the Sticker Book as a Picture Dictionary to help learning English vocabulary in both spelling and pronunciation.


Game Features:

★ Play 20 Hidden Object scenes with more to come! (3 scenes available in the free version)
★ Develop your children’s observation skills with more than 1,000 objects to find and collect.
★ Learn English vocabulary in both spelling and pronunciation of every item found and collected in the Sticker Book.
★ High quality voice recorded by a native American-English speaker helping your children to pronounce correctly.
★ List of items changes every time you play. This will help encouraging your children to discover more items and complete the Sticker Book.


Gorgeous Hidden Object scenes:

➠ Bedroom (Free)
➠ Backyard (Free)
➠ Classroom (Free)
➠ Kitchen
➠ Storeroom
➠ Art Room
➠ Music Room
➠ Gymnasium
➠ Farm
➠ Beach
➠ Marine World
➠ Forest
➠ Space
➠ Wonderland
➠ Trick or Treat
➠ Christmas
➠ Wild West
➠ Roman Empire
➠ Treasure of Egypt
➠ Prehistoric Park (NEW!)

[via App Store]

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