Animal Alphabet Singers – Kids Learn Their ABC’s the Fun Way (iOS App Review)

abcsingers_iconIf you have young children who are just beginning to learn their ABC’s and you need something more interactive for them to play with, there are tons of really great apps available that can help them along. I have two kids and I can absolutely guarantee that having them play educational apps on an iPad or iPhone have helped both of them tremendously when it comes to early development. My youngest, a 2 year old, has been playing with my iPad for months now and can already recognize numbers and letters which is great because it means she will be ahead of the curve when she hits preschool. One of the apps I have her using is Animal Alphabet Singers from ThinkSmart Games. I’ve used it in the past during beta stages and am happy to see that it is now available for sale to everyone in the App Store.

There are 4 game modes available to play – Meet the Letters, The Animal Alphabet Singers, Meet the Animals, and Guess the Animals and Letters.

  • Meet the Letters in an introduction to the alphabet. Click on that and a screen of the alphabets shows up. There is a musical note button one can press to have the narrator sing them to you. If you tap on each individual letter, the narrator will say the letter as well as a corresponding animal associated with it. You can change the look of the letters to either lowercase of capital letters.
  • The Animal Alphabet Singers mode is similar to the previous mode except that it’s more of like a piano type app. Tapping on a letter makes the corresponding animal sing that litter. The same goes if you tap one of the animals. You can even tap the musical note again and have the animals sing the entire alphabet to you.
  • Meet the Animals mode allows players to meet each of the animals individually. Swiping the dial left or right and selecting a letter brings up an animation of the animal. For example, E shows an elephant and it says “Elephant starts with E, and I am an Elephant.”
  • The last mode is Guess the Animals and Letters. In this mode, a drawing of an animal appears with some random letter below it. Choose the correct letter that the animal starts with and you’ll be congratulated by the animal who will confirm what he is and that you made the correct choice.

Though many of these modes may seem similar, it’s a nice way to switch up the gameplay a little and keep things interesting. It’s as if they couldn’t decide which was the best method to teach the alphabet and decided to just use all the methods they came up with, which I’m completely fine with.

Graphically, it’s a a cute game that is very colorful with good animations and drawings. I’d say that the main feature though is the great narration by all the animals and the various sound effects included. They really liven things up and makes the whole app very fun.

Overall, Animal Alphabet Singers is a terrific kids app for learning their ABC’s. It’s educational, fun, and will keep their attention long enough where they’ll actually learn something.

App Store Link: Animal Alphabet Singers
Version: 1.1
Developer: Think Smart
Price: $3.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App)


Developed by leading literacy experts in collaboration with Emmy and Grammy award winning writers, animators, and performers, this app really does sing – both figuratively and literally!

Seamlessly integrating instruction, entertainment, and technology, Animal Alphabet Singers helps kids learn the alphabet in a way that never ceases to amuse and delight. 26 talking, singing (and occasionally wisecracking) animated animals, one for each letter from “alligator” to “zebra,” engage and interact with the children directly.

There’s even a magnificent 26-voice animal choral performance with harmony created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself (Wow, were we lucky to get him!). With four modes that reinforce the connections between the individual letters and their initial sounds, kids are certain to learn important fundamentals of reading, and they’ll be smiling and giggling all the while.

The creators of Animal Alphabet Singers are veterans of some of the world’s most acclaimed media productions, including Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Avenue Q, Prairie Home Companion, Nickelodeon’s Doug, and more!

Produced and developed by the tech wizards and mobile strategy experts at Aurnhammer!

[via App Store]

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