Learn About Chinese New Year with Magikid Nian App (iOS)


I know Chinese New Year was last week but that doesn’t mean that your children can’t still learn about this important Chinese holiday. In fact, Chinese New Year is usually a week long event filled with celebration and festivities. Magikid Nian will introduce children to ancient and modern traditions of China through stories, plays, songs and flashcards. With lots of interactive elements, your child will be able to join in on all the fun.

You can pick up Magikid Nian on the App Store here. It’s free but does require an in-app purchase if you decide to unlock the full app.


**Grab your torches, gongs, and firecrackers and join in one of the biggest events in the world!**

Learn all about Chinese New Year and why over 1 billion people are celebrating this month.
Defeat the monsters and save the New Year. Nian is a Chinese monster who comes during winter to play tricks on children, but this time the Magikid is ready for him.

Discover the ancient and modern traditions of China through stories, plays, songs and flashcards.

Kids become the writer, director, and actor in their very own stage-play. Introduce them to essential concepts such as setting, scenes, characters and narration in a fun environment.

Fun tilt game – defeat the monsters and unlock everything.
Flashcards & songs.
Interactive characters, props, and backgrounds.
Pull-string controls are easy to use.
Child-lock keeps kids out of the parent’s area.
No ads.
Universal app, works on all supported iOS devices.
Bilingual: available in English and Chinese.

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