The Walking Dead – Season 1 and 400 Days (PS Vita Review)


This is going to be a really quick review for a game I got for free as a pack in bundle with my PS Vita. Basically my wife picked up one of the few remaining PS Vita/The Walking Dead holiday bundles in our area and as a result, it was the first game I played on it. I actually do own the game on STEAM however, but only made it up to Episode 2 and never really went past that. This was mainly due to time constraints and having to sit in front of a computer to play it. With the PS Vita, I figured I’d actually play through the entire game this time seeing as I could play it now literally anywhere I took my PS Vita.


The story basically follows Lee Everett and what happens to him after the whole zombie apocalypse thing. Early on in the story, he becomes the main caretaker of a young girl, Clementine and the rest of the story follows how they both try to survive. They’ll meet other survivors along the way and must make some rather difficult choices to move forward. That’s all I’ll really say about the story because this is one game you want to fully experience with zero spoilers. It’s that good and it would be a serious injustice if you knew more about it then you should.


After you finish the main story, you’ll be able to play 400 Days. This further expands the story a bit with new characters though you’ll hear and see a few references to characters from the main game. As with the main story, any decisions you make here will affect the outcome and overall, every decision you make in the entire game will supposedly affect your gameplay in The Walking Dead: Season 2 game.


Graphically, the game looks really good and is pretty much the same as I remember it from when I as playing it on STEAM. For a portable gaming system, that’s pretty impressive. The art style has that distinct look that Telltale Games are known for with all their games, so it has that kinda or cartoony feel to it while still looking realistic.


Controls in the game are mainly limited to left thumbstick movement and touchscreen taps and swipes. There are some quick-time elements that appear where you’ll have to tap on the screen really quickly and then swipe in a direction to avoid death. These don’t come often, but they do help break up a lot of the talking and exploration with more action oriented gameplay.

Throughout the game, you’ll also come across portions that can be tapped on. These are used to carry out actions in the game and are also used for decision making. Basically you’re presented with a choice of things you can do or say. Just choose one and it will affect the way the story progresses. That’s really the main thing with this game. Each action, decision, or thing you say can and will affect the rest of the story and what happens from there. It’s really quite amazing how you can change things based on this. I won’t get too much into this either as it is an integral part of the game that you must also experience on your own.

Final Thoughts

I am so glad I finally finished this game. The story was both amazing and sad. I wasn’t too happy about making some really difficult decisions but I guess that’s what makes it so satisfying because these are the type of decisions you would probably have to make in situations like those. The ending was also very emotional and I’m pretty sure I shed a tear.

Telltale Games did a wonderful job crafting a story that accurately depicts what the world is like in The Walking Dead with characters that you really care about and either really want to live or die. It’s one of those games too where it would make me question some of the decisions I made and made me think if there might have been a better way I could have handled that situation. Not many games do that.

The Walking Dead – Season 1 is a game I definitely recommend that fans of the television and comic book series play. Even if you’re not a fan, it’s a great introduction to the world itself. I probably wouldn’t let my kids play this though as this is definitely an adult oriented game. In any case, if you haven’t played through this game on any other platform, I highly suggest that you do. You won’t regret it.

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