HTC Flashlight App for Your HTC One M8 Review

Screenshot_2014-05-20-11-47-11Here’s an app that probably should have been included with your HTC One M8, but wasn’t. Supposedly this is a carrier decision and not one made by HTC. I’m not sure what the reasoning was with not including it as it is an HTC app, but the fine folks over at XDA Developers have made it easy to add it on. Just download the flashlight.apk file from the link and then install it to your HTC One M8.

What you now get is a simple flashlight app that works. The HTC flashlight app allows for 3 levels of brightness, just adjust brightness with a tap of the virtual power button on the screen. On the highest setting, the LED is very bright and can fill a whole room. The LED though does start to get very hot with extended use so I say not to use the brightest setting or not use it for very long.

If you want quick access to the flashlight, I suggest adding a shortcut somewhere on your home screen. I don’t use the light often, but it sure does come in handy when you do need one. The fact that it didn’t come on my AT&T HTC One M8 is quite odd but I’m glad I was able to side load it thanks to XDA Developers.

[Source: XDA Developers]


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