dEXTRIS Review (iOS)

dextris_iconAre any of you still playing Flappy Birds and the many clones that popped up on the App Store? If you want to try a game that is similar in nature but more challenging with better looking graphics, check out dEXTRIS. Like Flappy Birds, you have to avoid obsticles to see how far you can get, but that’s where the similarities end. dEXTRIS is a much better game that is much more challenging and skill based, and will really put your hand-eye coordination to the test.

The main aspect of the game is that you must control two magnetic blocks down a treacherous corridor of spikes. Their natural position is always at the center. If you hold either the left or right side of the screen, the two blocks will move in that direction. Release to have them go back to the center. You can hold both sides of the screen to separate the blocks in to two, one on each side. This helps avoid obstacles in the middle. Unlike flappy clones where you only need to control one object, dEXTRIS requires you to control two, which makes it far more challenging.

In this game, you have to really pay attention to what’s coming at you if you want to get a high score. This is one of the few games where quick reactions are key as well as staying alert to what’s ahead. As you progress through rounds, the game will get faster and faster to really test your skills.

Now not only is the gameplay really good, but so are the graphics. I’m assuming the game uses vector graphics as that’s what it looks like and it has a certain retro feel to it. I like how everything is very clean looking and always in motion. I even like the music which has an upbeat, techno like sound to it.

dEXTRIS is a free game that is ad supported. There are ads that do pop up, but only after gameplay has ended. They do not appear when you are actually in the game. Overall, I do find dEXTRIS very fun and challenging and think that it’s a great game to train your hand-eye coordination. It’s fast paced and unique and really stands out amongst its peers. I suggest checking it out if you’re into games like this.

App Store Link: dEXTRIS
Version: 1.0
Developer: Chaotic Box
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.



Like hard games? Dodge spikes at super speed using a cool new “magnetic” control scheme. Scrape along the sides, hover through the middle, or squeeze by at the last millisecond by splitting in two!

dEXTRIS is pure high speed twitch gaming.

Visit for more fun 🙂

[Source: App Store]

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