Bought Watch_Dogs? Download the Companion App

ctOS_mobileIf you already have your copy of Watch_Dogs or are planning on picking it up soon, make sure you download the Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile app. I haven’t really had a chance to fully explore what the app does yet, but what it basically does is allow you to play against any Watch_Dogs player, live, and on any console or PC. So what I’m assuming is that regardless of which version of Watch_Dogs you actually own, you can use the ctOS app to play against any one, on any console. You might not even need to own Watch_Dogs to enjoy the app. All you need is a valid uPlay and Xbox Live or PSN account to enjoy it.

The ctOS app basically allows you to play as the police against any Watch_Dogs player. Again, I haven’t had a chance to play this yet but it does sound like an interesting take on multiplayer, one that I can play while I’m away from my machine. I’ll be playing WAtch_Dogs throughout the whole week so hopefully I’ll get a chance soon to try out the app and play a few rounds.

App Store Link: Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile
Google Play Link: Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile

Below is the full description for the iOS version of the app. Android should be the same.


Connect and play LIVE with any Watch_Dogs player logged into their console or PC game.
Control the city of Chicago from anywhere in the world with the Watch_Dogs: ctOS Mobile app.
As a ctOS Operative, you will have control of the Chicago Police and control of all ctOS devices across the city. A Police helicopter carrying a sharpshooter will assist you in the hunt.
The streets of the city become your ultimate battleground where your goal is to stop players and maintain order.
Challenge and shut down other players with every tool available.
To get the most out of your app, you will need to connect with other players that own the console/pc game.
You don’t need the console/pc game to play.
You can only play against human players.

Connect to any players from any Watch_Dogs platform on console or PC.
-Play LIVE with your friends, or with other players around the world.
-Play with any internet connection from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G/LTE Networks.
-Customize your own challenges and send them to your friends.
You are connected to Chicago and beyond.
-Take over a Chicago PD helicopter equipped with a sharpshooter and track down your opponents.
-Control every ctOS device in the helicopter’s radius like traffic lights, road blockers, steam pipes and much more.
-Dispatch and upgrade the different Chicago police units including patrols, SUVs and SWAT teams.
Every player you challenge is a new opportunity to advance and improve your skills.
-Gain XP and skill points as you win challenges.
-Use those skills points to upgrade your police arsenal and ctOS powers.
-Unlock even more abilities for your units by completing achievements.

-Watch_Dogs: ctOS Mobile requires an internet connection to function correctly.
-Watch_Dogs: ctOS Mobile requires a Uplay account.
-Watch_Dogs: ctOS Mobile is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
-Watch_Dogs: ctOS Mobile requires a free Xbox Live and/or PSN account to play against Xbox Live and/or PSN Players


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