Watch_Dogs Midnight Release Observations from My Local Gamestop


Today, Watch_Dogs is officially out and if you were one of the few really dedicated fans, you probably picked it up last night at midnight. I know I did. Due to some weird error with Amazon, I ended up pre-ordering the game at my local Gamestop and since I could pick it up at midnight, I figured what the hell and went to the midnight release event.

For the most part, the midnight release even at my local Gamestop went without a hitch. Those waiting in line were given an number and fans were ushered in by number order to pick up their copy. The group itself wasn’t very large when compared to other games I’ve stood in line for, but the Gamestop employees stated that there were more than 300+ pre-orders for the game so I’m assuming most just didn’t want to pick it up at midnight. I’m not sure what the console breakdown was for the pre-orders, but most people I witnessed came out with either the PS4 or Xbox One versions. I even saw a few leave with multiple copies in their hand.

I was able to get in and out of Gamestop in about 20 minutes which isn’t too bad. I just stood in line, got my number and then when I got in, they handed me my already paid for PS4 copy and my second receipt with my pre-order bonus code on it. That was it. The staff there seemed pretty lively and upbeat with a few of them even dressed up as Aiden Pearce. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

I did play Watch_Dogs for a couple hours once I got home, but that’s for another post.

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