Check Out Growing Pains by Smudged Cat Games on STEAM


One of the few games I played on STEAM that I actually completed was that of Gateways by Smudged Cat Games. It was a rather unique indie game that had a retro look to it but played like a 2D version of Portal. It was a challenging puzzle platformer that I had loads of fun playing. Well, Smudged Cat Games is back with another unique puzzle platformer in the form of Growing Pains, also on STEAM.

Growing Pains is a rather interesting game in which the premise of it is escaping each level before your character grows to large to escape. That means you must traverse each level quickly or risk getting stuck. If you check out the trailer below, you’ll see just how fast paced this game can get along with how psychedelic the levels can be.  Grab it on STEAM at the link below.

[Source: STEAM]

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