One Way Trip, the Strangest Game You’ll Probably Play on PS4 and PS Vita (Video)


There’s new game being featured on PlayStation.Blog by developers Christine and Michael Frauenhofer called One Way Trip and it is by far the weirdest thing you’ll probably see all day. In fact, I had to watch it several times and I still have no idea what was going on until I read the actual description of the game.

In One Way Trip, you and your brother Barry discover that you’ve been poisoned in a mass attack on the water supply that has left a large portion of the nation with only six hours left to live, during which time they will be constantly hallucinating. To put it another way, it’s an atmospheric exploration of what it would be like to find out you and most everyone you love is about to die, and then have to process that while your limbs turn into cartoon dolphins.

What’s not to love about the game after reading that? It’s a totally strange game that will most likely make your head explode but that’s what makes me so curious about it. Not only that, the art style looks really awesome and different from what you usually see out there. One Way Trip is looking at a 2015 release date and will be coming out exclusively for the PS4 and PS Vita.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

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