Card Dash Review on Android

carddash_iconCard Dash is a simple game by The Appventurers. The game is a reflex style game that requires very good hand-eye coordination. A card is flashed at you for a few seconds and when the round begins, you must only tap on that one card each time a group of cards pops up. It sounds a lot easier than it really is, especially when they start flashing 4 and 6 cards at a time. This is when things get really hectic and you’ll need to really pay attention and hope your tapping finger and your eyes are communicating properly.

There are three modes you can play in Card Dash, Adventure, Arcade, and Insane. Adventure mode start you off with two cards and at a slower pace and gradually gets faster with more cards. Arcade mode allows you to choose the number of cards you want to play with, while Insane is only a 6-card mode at the highest speed setting. You’ll probably want to start with Adventure mode first to just to get a feel for the game. You don’t have to invest too much time learning how to play though as it’s very easy to figure out and the only thing that would stop you from a high score would be how good your hand-eye coordination is and how fast you can react. That’s mainly what you do in the game. You’re mainly just limited by how quick you can be.

There is one element of the game that is really funny though and that comes when you lose. The Game Over screen consists of a hilarious fail image that really hits you where it hurts. You’ll of course want to hit that replay button soon after.

Overall, Card Dash is a pretty fun time waster of a game. It’s actually a great way to pass the time while also training yourself to get better at these quick reaction type games. The game is also free for a limited time so grab it now if you want to check it out.

Google Play Link: Card Dash
Version: 1.01
Developer: The Appventurers
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: 2.3.3 and up


***Special introductory sale! Free for a limited time!***Do you think you have the reflexes to play Card Dash?! You have a split second to memorize your card and then match it up or it’s game over! Take your fingers to the test to see how high of a score you can get. Compare with your friends and become the Card Dash champion on Facebook, Twitter, and Game Center! See how long you last before your fingers burn out! If you really think you are up to the challenge then download it now and prove it!

-NO IN-APP PURCHASING! Play as long as you want and as many times as you want with no limit. No silly energy, no “freemium” upgrades. Play all day and all night to prove you are the Card Dash champion!
– 3 super addicting game modes:
Adventure Mode: Start with 2 cards and a turtle speed and slowly work your way up to eagle eye speed and 6 cards!
Arcade Mode: Customize your game to how you want it by choosing your speed and number of cards!
Insane Mode: Prove you have the eye of the eagle in this super fast paced mode with 6 cards right from the start!
– Hours upon hours of gameplay (if you’re really, really, really good)
– Save your high score and show all your friends that YOU, and ONLY YOU, possess the eye of the eagle!
-Constant Updates based on your feedback to improve the game and make it better

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[Source: Google Play]

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