SpinIn Review on iOS – A Unique Puzzler for Puzzle Lovers

spinin_iconWhen it comes to popular gaming genres for mobile platforms, puzzlers are in my opinion the most popular. Puzzle games just seem to be perfect for touchscreen devices, more so than any other type of mobile game. Not only that, I love the fact that they are usually pretty easy to pick up and play in short bursts. The challenges also allow you to exercise your brain and keep your mind sharp. That’s why I’m always open to trying out new puzzle games. One such new game is SpinIt by Klogia. SpinIt is a puzzle game in which you must free the diamond block from the confines of the box.

I’ve seen games like this before where you must remove a block from a box by sliding other blocks around until that block can be removed. This is similar in concept except that these puzzles contain no more than 3-4 blocks at a time. Now that might sound like these would be really easy puzzles to solve, but you would be so wrong. These are in fact really challenging puzzles, many of which will leave you scratching your head. In fact, I’m stuck on a puzzle right now that I really want to figure out on my own without having to resort to using the hints. Block can be swiped either up, down or left, right. Block must move all the way as far as they can though until they hit an obstacle. You can’t just slide blocks 1 position at a time. This makes the game much more challenging as you have to take into consideration where the blocks will end up.

Graphically, the game looks good. Everything is rendered in 3D and has a real nice look to it. The only thing I sort of dislike is how dark the game looks. If it were a bit brighter or more colorful, I think it might look much better. But overall, very good graphics with nice textures on all the surfaces. Very polished despite the color scheme.

SpinIt is a challenging, entertaining puzzle game. There is much to like about it. The game is simple enough to learn and play, but the puzzle difficulty ramps up fairly quickly. It’s one of those games that will really exercise your mind and test your puzzle solving skills. SpinIt is unique enough where you won’t think it’s just a “me too” type of game and I believe that puzzle lovers will really enjoy it.

App Store Link: SpinIn
Version: 2.3
Developer: Klogia
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


SpinIn is an amazing puzzle game. Most of its puzzles contain no more than three pieces!!!
Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Most of the levels in the game consist of three pieces or less.
We know this may sound strange, but it’s true!

This game has only one rule:
move the pieces together in one of four directions, just like in the 2048 game,
until finally you can get the diamond out.

You can choose one of four available controls:
1. Touch control
2. Smart touch
3. Device tilting
4. Inner game tilting.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell us what you think about SpinIn in the feedback.

[Source: App Store]


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