White Night Coming to PS4 on March 3rd [Video]


Is it crazy that a lot of these indie games coming out seem more creative and fun than many of the AAA games coming out of the big studios? I mean I’ve played a good share of indie games on the PS4 with a few of them being more satisfying than the games I’ve spent $60 on. Even some of the trailers I’ve seen for indie games look more polished than some of the AAA games. Take for instance White Night by OSome Studio. I only learned about this game today and already I’m more intrigued by this than by the 100th Call of Duty announcement.

White Night is described as a third-person action, exploration and puzzle-solving game with elements of survival horror thrown in. You play as a character who was just involved in a car crash and head to a nearby mansion to find help. You soon discover that the mansion holds secrets that you must uncover if you hope to make it out of there.

What really caught my eye about the game is the gorgeous black and white artwork. It has a real “Sin City” like feel to it but its the use of lighting that really amazed me. Lighting seems to play a huge factor in the game with what you can uncover.

White Night is set to be released March 3rd for the PlayStation 4.

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