Dying Light: Be the Zombie Tutorial Gameplay [Video]


I’m having a really good time playing Dying Light, despite what some review sites say about it. I like the fact that it’s a game where you can choose to be a fighter and attack everything in sight, or more passive and discrete, sticking to roof tops and conserving your supplies. It’s fun being able to make that type of decision.

If you pre-ordered Dying Light, you also got a code to activate “Be the Zombie” mode which allows you to take control of one of the games most fearsome creatures, the Night Hunter. This turns the game completely around as you now become the hunter and can hunt down real life players through the streets of Harran. This is the only MP mode in Dying Light and effectively makes this a 4vs1 mode.

This video below is the short single player tutorial you can choose to go through. I suggest doing it just to get acquainted with what the Night Hunter can do. He’s quick, agile, and above all, lethal.

Again, this isn’t something I suggest for young children.

Disclaimer: Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.


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