Qubies Review – A Colorful Match-3 Puzzler with a Dash of Tetris [iOS]

qubies_iconWhen it comes to mobile games, I think puzzle games are still one of my favorite genres. Part of that reason is that puzzle games just feel so at home in the palm of your hands and on a touch screen, making them a natural fit. For me, I just like the fact that puzzle games are easy to pick up and play when I’m bored or waiting for something and that they challenge my brain. I like the occasional mindless games too, but puzzle games are the ones that keep me interested, longer. That’s why I don’t mind picking up new puzzle games and trying them out. I like the challenge and thrill of beating an old high score. The latest game I’m playing is Qubies, a new match-3 style game with a hint of Tetris and a dash of Bejeweled.

Qubies seems to start off like Tetris where blocks drop from the top. These blocks are different in that they are groups of 3 colored blocks stacked on top of each other. You can rotate the block to be either vertical or horizontal and then drop them to the bottom. Also unlike Tetris, you don’t remove block by forming lines. Instead, you remove blocks by matching up 3 colors or more in any orientation. Only the colors that form matches are removed. All other portions of the group remain where they are. What’s also different is that if there are blocks floating in the air, they do not drop down. They only drop down if the blocks underneath them are removed or if the blocks they are attached to are removed. Scoring is based on how many blocks you remove.

What that means is that placement of these blocks is very important as it is quite easy to block out a large portion of the playing area if you aren’t careful.

There are three modes of play – Classic, Sprint, and Rows. Classic is free to play while Sprint and Rows can only be played if you upgrade to premium via an in-app purchase. This review is mainly based on Classic mode which is pretty good on its own. In fact, you could probably go without playing the other two modes and still enjoy hours of gameplay. What you’ll appreciate though is that the game doesn’t constantly remind you to upgrade to premium and there are absolutely zero ads on it.

Overall, Qubies is quite a fun and challenging match-3, block dropping game. It combines some of the best elements from other games in this genre and comes up with something quite refreshing and new. If you’re a puzzle fan, I highly suggest checking Qubies out. It’s a great little time waster of a game that isn’t just a mindless way to pass the time. This game actually makes you think, and I like that.

App Store Link: Qubies
Version: 1.0
Developer: Lukas Korba
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


Qubies is a match-3 game you play upside down which follows the tradition of classic “block falling” games. As trios of colored cubes fall from above, you’ll move and rotate them to match colors in groups of 3 cubes or more. The more cubes you match, the faster they fall.

Qubies’ color matching lights up the same part of the brain that loves puzzlers like Threes, Sudoku, and even the good old-fashioned Rubik’s Cube. With simple touch controls, cheery colors, and a peppy soundtrack, Qubies is a minimalist match-3 game you won’t want to put down.

Download Qubies for free and get unlimited Classic mode—no ads or time-outs, just pure puzzle challenge. If Classic mode has you hooked, an in-app purchase unlocks more game modes and saves your high scores to the leaderboard.

Qubies Game Modes
– Classic: match colored blocks in clusters of 3 or more
– Sprint: like Classic mode on steroids, try to beat your best score in this fast-paced lightning round
– Rows: only matches containing horizontal rows earn points
– Countdown (coming soon): 100 seconds to make as many matches as you can
– Power-ups (coming soon): use power-ups hidden in cubes to get out of sticky situations

[Source: App Store]

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