OlliOlli Review – Just as Fun on Two Screens [3DS]


The original OlliOlli by Roll7 came out January, 2014 exclusively on the PS Vita and was met with rave reviews. In fact, we too were able to get our hands on it at the time and were able to review it as well, which you can read here. Since then the game has been ported to other platforms including the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, 3DS and PC. For me though, the best platform for OlliOlli has always been on a portable device as it makes for one of the best games to play on the go. With that said, I was quite happy to see that OlliOlli has finally made its way to the Nintendo 3DS, bringing this fantastically fun game to millions of new gamers. The game itself hasn’t changed much from its original iteration, though there are a few notable differences on the 3DS.

3DSDS_OlliOlli_06_mediaplayer_largeI won’t go into too much detail on gameplay and graphics as it hasn’t changed much from the original game. The controls are pretty much the same on the 3DS as they were on the PS Vita. If you’ve played the original PS Vita version before, you should have no trouble jumping right into the 3DS version. The controls are just as responsive as before and work well with the 3DS layout. If you’ve never played before, be prepared to learn what may seem like an odd control scheme at first. It’s a game that takes a lot of practice to master, but once you do, it’ll be one of the best skateboarding games you’ve played in a long while.

3DSDS_OlliOlli_02_mediaplayer_largeGraphically, the game looks pretty much the same as the PS Vita version, though I think the game looks a tiny bit better on the PS Vita screen, but that’s just a personal opinion. Regardless, the game looks very  good still on the 3DS. There is no 3D stereoscopic effects however, which might be a disappointment to some. The game does make use of the second screen by moving all menu related items there. You also get a list of your current challenges and can access the tricktionary while you play which is really helpful. That’s something you couldn’t really do at the same time on the PS Vita version.

I know OlliOlli 2 is already out on other platforms, and despite OlliOlli being a year old game, it’s still quite fun to play. 3DS owners finally are getting a chance to play this wonderful game and hopefully it doesn’t take that long before they get the sequel. As a bonus to fans, if you buy OlliOlli on the 3DS you also get the WiiU version for free and vice-versa as long as you use the same Nintendo ID.


Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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