ABC Guru Review – A Creative Way to Learn the Alphabet [iOS]

abcguru_iconWhen I was a kid growing up, we didn’t have tablets and fancy apps to keep me busy. Nowadays, kids are exposed to technology as soon as their born and I can admit that I was one of those parents that exposed my youngest one to tablets at an early age. However, I didn’t just let her play mindless games on it to keep her busy. Instead, I filled hers up with educational apps. She’s at that age right now where she’s learning her alphabets and numbers so that’s what her tablet is filled with right now. For example, ABC Guru by Colto. This is an app that makes learning your ABC’s fun by allowing kids to decorate each letter with fun stickers and then watching them come to life with sounds and animations.

ABC Guru is a fairly simple app that kids will have no trouble getting into. Kids start off by choosing a letter, and the narrator says what that letter is out loud. They can choose between uppercase and lowercase letters. On the right are crayons that your kids can use to color in the letter. As they color, the sound the letter makes continuously plays in the background, but only while they are coloring. After they are done coloring, they can apply stickers to the letter, mostly face related items like eyes, mouths, and mustaches.

When your kids are done decorating the letter, they can hit the play button to go to the animation screen. The letter will be placed in a scene with an accompanying item that starts with that letter. For instance, W will be for Wizard. Again, the narrator will say what the letter and the object is. Tapping on the object replays what it is as well as triggers and animation for it. Tapping on the letter repeats what the letter is. When they are done, just tap the photo icon to snap a picture and return back to the main menu to pick another letter.

ABC Guru is a great educational app for children. One of the things I really like about it is how it gets kids to not only learn their alphabet, but also encourages creativity. On top of that, ABC Guru has zero in-app purchases and zero pop-up ads. If you have kids, you’ll appreciate this fact as that is one of my main dislikes about some of these supposed kids apps that come out. Overall, if you have a child that is just learning their alphabet, check out ABC Guru. It’s a fun app that will keep them busy for hours.

Update 05-22-15: ABC Gurus version 1.2.0 will be released soon that will include 5 languages – English (US + UK), Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

App Store Link: ABC Guru
Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Colto
Price: $1.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


Want to give your child a head start in learning to read and write in English?

Parents, are you searching for a fun and creative app to inspire your preschooler to learn and practice the English alphabet? Your kids will have loads of fun personalizing letters and turning them into crazy characters while learning.

Created by early childhood experts with audio recorded by a special needs phonics expert, this app is designed to teach kids the names of the letters, their phonetic sounds and new words starting with the letters.

Scroll through the alphabet on a rotating planet, choose a letter and get creative coloring it, adding cartoon eyes, a toothy mouth and quirky accessories. Each time you color and add features, you hear the phonetic sounds the letter makes. Tap the play button and a word starting with the letter comes to life in a hilarious animation. Interact with the animation and discover what happens!

Take a snapshot of your creation and it’s saved in a separate album on your device’s photo gallery. Complete your album with your A-Z creations to practice with your kids.

Recommended Ages 2-5 years
Required iOS 7 or +

> Easy for kids to play on their own
> Add animated eyes, mouths, moustaches, stickers and accessories
> Choose from 5 different colors
> Audio of phonetic letter sounds
> 26 animated words starting with each letter
> Audio of letter names and a word starting with the letter eg. E is for elf
> Take a snapshot of your characters
> Create your own alphabet album on your device’s photo gallery
> No in-app purchases
> No third party advertising

ABC Gurus appeals to a child’s innate desire to interact, color and create. Children play with the letter repeatedly while listening to the phonetic sound it makes. This incidental learning is one of the most powerful learning forms for preschoolers. By repeatedly coloring and personalizing the letter, kids learn to recognize the form of the letter and its phonetic sound through repetition.

Colto’s mission is to create fun educational mobile games for preschoolers that make them smile while they learn. Our multicultural team of parents, teachers, developers and designers strives to create apps that kids love and families trust.

We take your child’s privacy very seriously, for this reason, we are proud to offer a product that is certified COPPA compliant by Privo.

[Source: App Store]


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