Atom Universe PS4 Footage – A PlayStation Home Alternative? [Video]

For those of you who actually used PlayStation Home and were fans of it, you were probably saddened to see that it wasn’t available on the PS4. Not only that, I believe PlayStation Home is set to shut down on March 31st, 2015 so those who liked to virtually socialize here would have nowhere to go anymore. Be sad no more because there seems to be a new virtual-reality theme park coming called Atom Universe that looks eerily similar to PlayStation Home. This will be a place players will be able to socialize, play games, and interact.

Atom Universe is an evolutionary virtual-reality theme park offering fun rides, great mini-games, and places for players to chat, compete, have fun and interact. The initial target goal on the games campaign via KickStarter™ will include a main area, and 3 mini-games to play, including the shooting gallery, the mini-cart race, and the motor stunts challenge. Atom Universe focuses on social interactions. Within the game, players can express emotions via gestures and effects, and perform series of fun actions such as shaking hands, striking a pose, kissing, holding hands and even dancing with other players. Groups of players can execute synchronized moves in true Gangnam style. Stretch-goals for the game includes exciting events, bumper cars, adrenaline-rushing rollercoasters and the ability to drive vehicles around the park.

On other news, the developer is proud to announce a new partnership with Game Mechanics, who will provide content for the game. Game Mechanics is a familiar name from PlayStation® Home, where they provided many exciting virtual items. Other great partners already pledging support to Atom Universe are nDreams and PS Talent.


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