Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector Review

techarmor_sonyWho makes the best screen protector out there? That’s debatable. There are a lot of manufacturers out there now and each of them have their own ideas of how your screen should be protected. For me, I usually skip all the hype and instead go for something that not only works well, but is affordable. One brand that I’ve used several times in the past is that of Tech Armor. I’ve used their stuff on my various iPhone models as well as on my iPad. The reason being is that their stuff fits well, is easy to install, and the price is very reasonable. With that said, today I’ll be looking at the HD Clear version of their popular line of screen protectors.

The Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protectors are super clear and is not suppose to diminish the quality and look of your high definition screens. They are meant for maximum clarity. These are glossy screen protectors that have a similar look to how your device would look naked. That means that for the most part, you won’t even notice that you are using a screen protector. Depending on your device, each HD Clear screen protector is cut perfectly and includes cutouts for things like sensors and cameras when necessary.

Installation on these is a breeze too. Unlike older screen protectors, I find that these Tech Armor ones go on relatively trouble free with no bubbling. Once in a while I might get a piece of dust trapped, but all you do is just lift up the screen protector a bit with a piece of tape and then use the dust removal tape to get at that piece of dust. You can then drop the screen protector back on. You don’t even really need to use the squeegee for to get a bubble free installation. My only real tip for you is to clean your screen very well and then use a piece of tape to lift any stray particles of dust before installation.

The test unit I used for this particular review is a Sony Xperia Z3. On this particular unit, the Tech Armor screen protector fit quite well. It had cutouts for the front facing speakers, the camera, and the light sensor. There is a little less than a millimeter of space between the edge of the screen protector and the edge of the screen which leaves room for those who use cases. It looks very good on the phone and because of the HD nature of it, it doesn’t look like it’s on there at all. The only negative is that it does pick up fingerprints and smudges, but not more than what the screen did already when it was naked.

Each Tech Armor HD Screen Protector kit includes 3 screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, an anti-scratch installation squeegee, and dust removal tape. Prices start at around $6.95 which is very good for a 3-pack. Tech Armor has applications for all the current Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy devices, HTC One, LG, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, and many others. You can check out their full lineup here.


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