Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector Review

techarmor_glassScreen protector technology has come a long way from what they once were with even the cheapest of protectors being better than anything we had several years ago. They not only fit better, but most are now highly scratch resistant. As great as some of those cheap protectors are at protecting your screen from scratches, they still can’t protect your screen from impacts. That’s why for those who are uber serious about keeping their devices as pristine as possible, you should go for a ballistic glass protector, something like the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. This is a screen protector made of tempered glass for not only the ultimate in scratch protection, but also impact resistant.

One of the hardest things to do really with a screen protector is applying it to your device. It can be difficult sometimes to line things up correctly which is often the case with regular screen protectors. It gets easier as you do more of them, but it’s far from a simple process. That isn’t the case with glass screen protectors. The Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protector is one of the easiest ones to apply. Because it’s hard, it doesn’t bend when you’re trying to apply it so it’s much easier to apply. Also, placing it down on your screen doesn’t apply it either. This gives you a chance to move it around a bit to get it centered where you want it.

When you have it where you want, you simply just press down on the middle of the screen and the Ballistic Glass Screen Protector with automatically adhere itself to your screen as if by magic. It also goes on bubble free. If you find that there is a piece of dust trapped underneath, you can easily lift it up a bit a use a piece of tape to remove it.

Once on, you’ll notice just how clear everything still looks on your screen. Not only that, sliding your finger across it feels just like using the screen naked. What’s especially nice is that on these Tech Armor glass protectors, the edges of the glass are rounded off so they aren’t sharp like the older styled glass protectors were. After having it on for about a week on a Samsung Galaxy Note, I don’t even notice that it’s on anymore as it really does feel like you’re just using your device with no screen protector at all.

On that note, I highly recommend these  Tech Armor Ballistic Glass SCreen Protectors. Yes they cost more than their regular HD Clear screen protectors, but not by much. You’ll still get the same scratch protection you’d get from a regular protector but with the added benefit of impact protection. You can check out Tech Armor’s full lineup of Ballistic Glass screen protectors here. They are available for a variety of devices and come with everything you need for a trouble free installation.



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